How to Wire a House

Understanding how to wire a house can appear to be a very daunting and time consuming task, and calling out an electrician might seem the safest bet. However, this can work out to be very expensive and, in a time when saving money is the key priority, may seem a tad extravagant, especially when by following these four simple steps, you could do it yourself.

House Electrical Wiring

In order to being house electrical wiring, you need to have a central point in which all your wires run from. The ideal location will either be in your basement or in the cupboard under your stairs. It is most appropriate to place it next to your other electrical furnishings, for example the fuse box. However, do make sure that there is plenty of room in case you need to add any electrical panels.

Also ensure that you have the right safety wear, for example, safety goggles and protective gloves.

Step One

How to Wire a House

How to Wire a House

Install conduit, which is a piece of plastic piping through your home before any electrical wire. Not only will the conduit make your installation process easier but it will also protect the wires and keep them organised. As the central passage of wiring will be thicker due to the amount of wires, it is advisable to use large diameter tubing and then more narrow tubes for the veins that sprout off.

Step Two

You must also ensure that you install at least one plug socket and one phone jack (a socket for the telephone) into each room. By doing this you are ensuring that you will not need to return to the wiring process again and that you are fully prepared for any occupation the room may have. It is also very expensive to cut into dry wall once you have finished and so by over estimating how many plug sockets you will need you are saving yourself money.

Step Three

As you are already running conduit through the house it is advisable to run extra through the ceilings and walls in each room. This way you are fully prepared in case, at a later date, you need to install a multi-room audio system or extra internet cables.

House Wiring Tips

Here are some additional house wiring tips. In order to make the wiring process easier, try tying pieces of string at the end of the conduit tubes. This way you can effortlessly pull new wires through the existing conduit. Also colour coding your wires and tubing can add to the ease of wiring your house. If you keep a key of what all the colours correspond to you will always know exactly what has been installed. By keeping organised, even creating a detailed map of your house wiring, it will make repairs and added extras far easier at a later date. Although it may seem like a lot of extra work to begin with, it is all very time saving in the long run.

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