How to Build a Windmill

Learning how to build a windmill is becoming increasingly popular; especially as Global warming becomes more and more of an issue. Originally used for pumping water and grinding grain, windmills are also an efficient means of creating re-usable wind energy. Building your own windmill is a means of conserving natural power sources such as oil or coal and also a means of creating your own renewable energy. Building your own windmill could result in not only reserving unsustainable energy put also potentially saving money on utility bills. If you would like to understand how to build a windmill simply follow the steps below:

Building Windmills

Windmills should not be used as a sole source of energy as they do not have a continuous output. You should consider, when building a windmill, that this is not a constant source of energy and should be used in conjunction with another energy source, such as gas or electric. Using the example of a five foot high windmill you could adapt the different sizes of each component accordingly.

Choosing a location is vital when building a windmill. You must find a location where the windmill will receive a regular wind input, also ensuring that there are no obstacles in the way, such as electrical cables or trees.

Build the Windmill Base

How to Build a Windmill

How to Build a Windmill

When building a windmill you should make sure that, compared to the rest of the structure, the base is strong and heavy. For example, a windmill that is five feet high, with a base of approximately 18 inches square and about 20 pounds in weight, would be ideal. In order the guarantee a heavy base you can use concrete or a sandbag. It would be sensible to employ these resources regardless just to be on the safe side.

Build the Windmill Tower

When building a windmill tower you need to use a strong piece of plastic PVC piping, guide wires or metal tubing. This should create a lattice effect. For a windmill of approximately five feet high you should use 2×4 piping.

Building the Windmill Blades

The next thing you need to make when building a windmill are the blades. These should be made out of either lightweight wood or plastic. The blades should be proportionate to the rest of the windmill. For a structure of approximately five feet high the blades should be one to three feet long. You may consider painting your windmill blades with UV resistant paint to protect them from the sun. It may also be advisable to paint you blades an eye catching colour.

Making the Windmill Work

When building a windmill you will need a nacelle; the gearbox that facilitates the blades movements. It will also act to transfer any energy created from the turning of the blades into usable energy. You will also need a shaft that will ensure that the blades are connected to the tower and allows them to rotate smoothly.

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