How to Build a Pole Barn

Whether you live an agricultural lifestyle or your shed is simply too small, a pole barn is one of the easiest and most useful outdoor structures to build. In order to teach you how to build a pole barn and provide extra space for your garden we’ve provided the steps listed below.

Building a Pole Barn Step by Step

In order to start build a pole barn step by step, first you need to pick the right location. The perfect location for a pole barn needs to be on levelled and well drained ground. If the soil retains too much water for too long the surface will be unsafe. After finding the right location you need to decide whether you are going to use metal or wooden poles and how tall your pole barn is going to be. Another point of consideration is how long you want your pole barn. With these two elements considered, the amount of poles needed must be calculated. To ensure that the pole barn is stable, each pole must be a maximum of 9 inches apart. Once all these plans have been made it is time to begin building your barn.

Step One

How to Build a Pole Barn

How to Build a Pole Barn

Lay out your poles on the floor to ensure that your structure is sound. It is now time for the most time consuming element of this construction and that is to dig an 18 inch hole at the foot of each pole. Obviously the intended size of the pole barn will determine how many holes you will need to dig. After the holes have been dug, place one pole in each. To guarantee maximum stability fill the holes with a concrete mixture.

Step Two

Securely set stringers on the top of each pole in order to bear the weight of each truss. Your first truss will be the most difficult and may require a few people to help. Once this first truss is in place it will be far easier to install the others as they can then be braced against the existing ones.

Step Three

After the trussing is complete you are now ready to construct your roof. The most advisable material to use for your pole barn roof is metal sheeting. Secure each sheet using appropriate nails. Ensure that you slightly overlap each sheet to prevent any leakage during rain or snow. Apply a water-resistant hard wearing sealant on the overlapping sections to guarantee the installation is durable.

Step Four

The walls of your pole barn are the final element to install. Decide how far up the poles your walls are going to reach and buy the appropriate amount of material, whether metal or wood. Before securing the panels to the original poles it is best to install some other kind of support. This can be either an extra support pole also concreted into the ground, or a supporting panel nailed from pole to pole to attach the walls. Once you have carried out this task you are free to complete the pole barn by attaching the walls.

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