How to Build a Porch

Building a porch around the circumference of your house can not only add value but also make it more aesthetically pleasing. However, like taking on any building project, figuring out how to build a porch can seem quite daunting, yet it is far simpler than you may think.

Steps for Building a Porch

By following the few simple steps for building a porch, you too can build something beautiful and enjoyable for your home.


As you are adding to a pre-existing construction it is best to check that you do not need any planning permission. After this has been sorted out, you need to examine just exactly where you want the porch to go and place down wooden stakes at each of the four corners and at the area where the stairs are intended to go.

Choosing the type of wood you are going to use is also very important. Not only does the wood need to look nice but another factor that needs to be considered is the durability of the wood.

Once you have decided where you are going to build your porch you need to dig a footing that will keep the porch attached to the ground.

Porch Footing

How to Build a Porch

How to Build a Porch

Your footing needs to be about one foot wide and deep. You then need to dig a few holes approximately four inches deep and place a foundation tube in each one for the footing. The tubes then need to be filled with cement mixed with sand and water; it needs to be firm not sloppy. The tubes need to reach about 3 inches below the surface. The next step in building your porch is to place the post anchors into the footing

Building Your Porch

After the foundations have been completed and dried, and the ledger board has been installed, it is now time to begin actually building the porch. Begin by laying out the decking boards and joists for your porch. Obviously if the porch it too big you will need to carry out the rest of the work in sections to make it more manageable.

At sixteen inches from the middle of your porch floor, install the boards and the joists with extreme care, this will enable you to do the decking bit by bit. Slide each floor board into place and secure with nails. When nailing the boards, keep their placement uniform to keep the smart appearance of your porch e.g. two nails in each corner of each board.

Added Extras

Adding railings around the far edge of your porch not only adds to the appearance of your porch but also increases safety element as it will prevent children slipping off.

You may also consider treating your wood. This may be in the form of staining the wood a different colour or simply by painting it with a protective layer. By treating the porch you will increase the durability of the wood, therefore making it last longer and also reduce the amount of amendments that will need to be done over the years.

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