How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Many home owners are seeking to know how to build an outdoor fireplace. Not only does an outdoor fire place add value to the property but also creates a central point for parties and outdoor gatherings. However, building an outdoor fireplace can appear to be a huge project and therefore deter people from taking on the task.

Building Outdoor Fireplaces

By following these simple steps you will see how building outdoor fireplaces is not that difficult, turning your garden into the talking point of all the BBQ’s this summer.


It is sensible to check with your local Council that there are no restrictions in place before installing your outdoor fireplace, in terms of burning personal waste. After clarifying that there are no problems, carefully choose a location for your outdoor fireplace. Your chosen location needs to be a significant distance away from your home in case of any hazards, and from any other structures that could burn due to stray sparks which escaping from the fire.

You also need to ensure your outdoor seating is far away from your intended outdoor fire, so that your guests and family members are well out of harms way and there will be no risk of the outdoor furniture catching alight.


How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

You must first prepare the area where you intend to build your outdoor fireplace. Clear all planting, garden decorations and fallen leaves, etc. Next create a secure and level platform out of concrete for the fireplace to sit on. In order to add to the outdoor fireplace’s aesthetic appeal, board the concrete platform with decorative tiles to your personal preference. However, do take in to consideration their durability with the outside elements. For example, once a mirrored tile has cracked it will not have the same pleasing effect.


It is far easier to install a prefabricated fireplace, and a lot safer than constructing it all from scratch. Prefabricated fireplaces come with full details as to how they should be installed. They are very similar to indoor fireplaces, the only difference being that they require a damper. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a safe working fire.


It is a complete personal choice as to how high you build the chimney, however it is recommended that the opening for the fireplace is built slightly lower in order to improve draft. A chimney pot can be placed on top of the chimney tower to improve the appearance of your outdoor fireplace and add to the overall height.

Added detail

After the basic structure has been constructed and the prefabricated fireplace successfully installed, you are free to add bricks and blocks at your pleasure to create the effect you desire. When painting the fireplace you need to take extra care if not choosing coloured cement or concrete as an alternative. Coloured cement is far more hard wearing and weather resistant than paint, making it the most cost effective method.

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