How to Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate offers a low maintenance options that is a lot easier to install than hardwood flooring, so figuring out how to install laminate flooring lets you refurbish your home without an independent contractor. Installing a laminated floor isn’t so hard that you need professional help.

Buying Your Laminate Flooring

When purchasing your laminate flooring, measure your flooring to determine how much material you need. Measure the corners, closets and other cut-out spaces of the floor.

When making your purchase, overshoot when you buy material. Buy 10% to 20% more material that you think your need, according to your measurements. You’ll find some of the laminate are going to be discolored, while you’ll probably have some pieces that are damaged from mistakes you make. Whatever extra you have left over should be saved to replace damage spots of the floor.

Acclimate the Flooring to the House

Once you get your laminate home, open it and let it sit for 2-3 days, to let the floor panels acclimate to your home. If you don’t, your floors can buckle.

Before you start, remove all furniture from your room and remove any shoe molding from the floor.

Test the Laminate Flooring

Lay out your laminate flooring to see what it looks like on the floor, as well as testing which pieces look damaged. This lets you replace pieces.

Before you get ready, gather all your materials you’ll need to lay your flooring.

Lay Your Moisture Barrier

The first step is to place your moisture barrier over your floor. This sits on top of your sub-floor and is a foam material. Place this part tight on the floor, getting rid of the wrinkles.

Don’t let the foam overlap. Tape pieces together, if you need to.

Start on the Prominent Wall

Lay board starting on the most prominent wall in your room. Leave a little bit of space between the board and the wall, using wood spacers or plastic. Put the groove side of the panel facing the prominent wall.

Interlock the Laminate Panels

Attach the next board on the one you just places, according to the instructions on the laminate package. Tap with a rubber mallet to make sure the board snap together, if they don’t easily snap together. Continue doing so, until you reach the other wall.

Cutting the Wall Pieces

When you reach the other side of the room, you probably are going to need to cut the final piece along the opposite wall with a mitre saw or jigsaw. Start your next row of panels, when you’re finished.

Start the Next Row

Start your next row of laminate boarding adjacent to where you started the first row. Proceed across the room the way you did with the first row. Continue each row until you reach the far side of the room.

Add Shoe Molding

When you’re finished, add shoe molding to cover the gap between the wall and the boards. Use caulking compound to fill any other small cracks along the wall. Choose a caulking compound that is the closest color to the laminate panels you chose.

Installing Laminate Flooring

You’ll eventually finish the paneling job by putting laminate in the nooks, corners and closets off the room you’re flooring. Now you’ve learned how to install laminate flooring step by step in your home.

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