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How to Get on MySpace at School

Once you learn how to get on MySpace at school, you can get around the firewalls and access blockers that many schools and universities have begun to use to keep kids from wasting time during school hours, or accessing sites that upload spyware and viruses onto school computers.

Getting on Myspace at School

These can be a real hassle and students are always looking for methods to get around firewalls. Here are four common methods use to get on MySpace at school, for those wanting to learn more about the subject – whether you’re a student, a teacher or school administrator.

Use a Proxy Server

A proxy service is a site you can go that fools the firewall software to makes it appear you are visiting the proxy website, when you are actually surfing the Internet. This is a game of cat & mouse, because later firewalls are programmed to block certain proxy sites. This means you might have to try multiple proxy servers, before you find one that isn’t blocked.

Web proxy use is often against school policy, so keep in mind that you could get in trouble, if the teachers or administrators catch you using MySpace in school. But you probably didn’t need me to tell you that you can get in trouble at school.

Proxies are easy to find, but eventually are going to be blocked. Keep this in mind and have a list of proxies to use.

Tunneling Sites to MySpace

How to Get on MySpace at School

How to Get on MySpace at School

Tunneling proxy servers are a specific type of proxy site and they are roughly synonymous, as they are a specific type of proxy service, though tunnel or gateway servers passes requests and/or replies unmodified. These sites are less secure and can be used for tracking data, so I wouldn’t recommend using credit cards or your passwords when using tunneling proxies.

Tunneling sites tend to spring up quickly and get blocked quickly. Also, the firewall sometimes allows administrators access to tunneling site information, so they might be able to see which sites are being visited. Since these spring up so quickly, though, if you search long enough, you’ll probably find a tunneling site that works.

S Marks the Spot

Some school administrators are more concerned about security issues on school computers, like hackers, spyware and viruses, than they are with kids wasting their time. If this is the case, the firewall blocker might allow access to what it deems “secure sites”.

Try to fool the firewall by using the old “s” trick. Place an “s” into the web address between the “http” and the “:”, so Myspace looks like “”.

Direct IP Address instead of MySpace Dotcom

Another trick to getting on Myspace from school is to type in the IP address of MySpace, instead of the standard web address. Go to somewhere like Hostip, Geobytes or WhatIsMyIPAddress and search for the ip address of MySpace. Once you have this, you can type that into the address box and linking directly should get around the firewall. As of this writing the IP address for is

Getting on MySpace at School

Once again, if the school officials have installed firewalls on their computers, it’s reasonable to assume there are consequences for figuring out how to get on Myspace at school,

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