How to Install a Door

When installing a door or completing any handy man work around the house, always remember your personal safety and obtain safety equipment such as safety goggles and protective gloves before carrying out any work.


Before you buy a door you need to ensure that you buy the right one. Therefore, using your measuring tape, obtain the measurements for the height and width of the door opening. If you cannot buy a door that is exactly the right size, buy one that is slightly bigger than the door way, this was you can shave down the sides of the door for a perfect fit.


You will need to leave a little gap at the top and bottom of your door between the door itself and the actual door frame. This is to ensure that the door does not stick when opening and closing and also allows for any carpet or flooring you may have. For the top of your door, it is advised that you leave only a 2mm gap, and for the bottom of the door it is suggested that a slightly bigger space of 4mm is allowed. Mark these measurements with a straight line in pencil across the whole width of your door.

Once you have done this, you can now adjust your door. Although it is possible to saw off the excess wood on either end of your door, it is preferable to use a plane as this will reduce the risk of taking off too much wood. Remember to check the door fits in the opening perfectly before attaching a hinge

Hinge Preparation

How to Install a Door

How to Install a Door

Check that the hinge is in the correct position for which way you want the door to open. Measure approximately 6 or 7 inches from the top of the door and mark with a pencil, then measure approximately 10 to 11 inches from the bottom of the door and mark. These are where your two hinges need to be placed in order to ensure a successfully installed door. You then need to transfer your hinge placements on to the door frame in order for the two separate parts of the hinge to match up.

Place the plates on the door in the correct place and draw around the outer edges with a pencil. These will be your markings for your hinge recesses, where they will need to sit once secured to the door. Using a chisel you need to remove shallow recess for your hinges.

Attaching the Hinge

Place the hinge plates on both door and frame and draw around the hole placements. Line up the plates once again with the holes and, using a power drill, secure the hinge plates with screws.

Installing the Door

Now that you have attached the hinges and the door is a perfect fit for the opening, all that is left to do is line up the hinges and place the pin through their middle.

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