Seventh Generation Coupons

Seventh Generation Coupons

The name of the Seventh Generation Corporation comes from idea of “seventh generation sustainability,” a concept borrowed originally from the Iroquois tribe that suggests that every decision should be weighed for its impact on the next seven generations of people. Founded in 1988 in Burlington, Vermont by Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation aims to produce cleaning products, personal care goods, and paper goods that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Seventh Generation uses things like recycled and post-consumer materials for their packaging and biodegradable and phosphate- and chlorine-free ingredients in all of its products.

As of 2011, Seventh Generation produces a huge line of products, especially impressive when you consider that just ten years ago, their product line numbered about 20. You can purchase Seventh Generation tampons, disinfecting wipes, diapers, laundry detergent, paper towels and toilet paper, and trash bags, just to name a few.

Seventh Generation CouponsOne product that has received a lot of attention lately is Seventh Generation dish detergent, attention gained thanks to national bans on phosphates and other harsh ingredients. These bans made it illegal for citizens of certain states to purchase or use certain cleaning products, giving Seventh Generation a natural edge in product sales. While some people claim that Seventh Generation products don’t work as well as products containing phosphates, the company claims the culprit is usually hard water found in certain parts of the country.

Seventh Generation Ingredients

The ingredients found in Seventh Generation dishwashing detergents and liquids are about as “green” as you’re going to find: baking soda, citric acid, sodium percarbonate (natural stain remover), and two enzymes called protease and amylase that work to remove dirt.

Other Seventh Generation dish cleaning products have similar ingredients, some with the addition of plant-derived cleaning agents like ppg-10-laureth-7 or glycerin as a product stabilizer for added shelf life.

Seventh Generation Coupons 2011

Any company like Seventh Generation that goes out of its way to use safe and non-toxic ingredients in its products is going to have to charge a little more money. It isn’t as cheap to produce “green” products as to produce Dawn or Lysol. Thankfully, Seventh Generation is such a large company, it offers plenty of coupons to make their goods more accessible to people who want to clean their dishes without soiling the environment.

The first place you should look for free printable Seventh Generation coupons is directly from their website.  A club called 7th Gen Nation exists to provide fans of Seventh Generation with coupons and special offers. It is totally free to sign up, and when you do join, you’ll get instant access to lots of great deals for Seventh Generation dish cleaners and other products. Deals include $1 off coupons and rebates for large purchases of Seventh Generation paper.

You can also find free coupons for Seventh Generation products in store circulars, as more and more stores around the country stock and sell Seventh Generation goods. If your local store doesn’t offer Seventh Generation coupons, check out a third-party coupon site such as to find a store near you offering Seventh Generation coupons.

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