Electrasol Coupons

Electrasol Coupons

The story of Electrasol is a little bit shocking–what we use today as a dish washing detergent was once suggested as a product for cleaning furniture, washing dogs, adding sparkle to human hair, and even tenderizing steaks and other meat products. Electrasol was once called Soilax, a soap product so popular that a black market popped up, with people selling Soilax out of the backs of trucks and in dark alleys.

When electronic dishwashers first became popular, the company behind Soilax decided to change the name to keep up with the new “electronic” trend. Soilax quickly became Electrasol, a name chosen to align the product with the electronic dishwashers it was re-invented for.

Electrasol CouponsElectrasol invested heavily in “training films” aimed at institutions such as schools and hospitals showing the many benefits of using electronic dishwashers in general and Electrasol detergent in particular. This led to an increase in Electrasol’s use in commercial areas at a time when Electrasol couldn’t really compete with Procter & Gamble’s “Spic and Span” in the home market.

Eventually, Electrasol became a household name. In the past year or so, Electrasol’s parent company has decided to move in a new direction, introducing what it calls a “revolution” in dishwashing technology, an automatic detergent system good for twelve washes in a row that automatically dispenses the proper amount of detergent, and is powerful enough that you can skip rinsing your dishes ahead of time. The new name for Electrasol, Finish, reflects the company’s move away from ties to “electric” dishwashers, simplifying the name for a multi-cultural and younger market that doesn’t find “electricity” exactly revolutionary.

Electrasol Ingredients

Different electrasol products have different ingredients, but in general the products get their cleaning power from three sources: trisodium citrate dihydrate, Subtilisin (a natural enzyme), and pentapotassium triphosphate.

Since these ingredients are irritating to eyes, skin, and human mucus membranes, it is important to keep Electrasol products out of the reach of children, and contact a doctor if Electrasol is accidentally ingested or spilled into the eyes.

Electrasol Coupons 2011

Thanks to the Internet, printable Electrasol coupons are easy to find. Start your search at the Electrasol website, where you’ll find that the makers of Electrasol are now calling their product Finish. Thanks to the new name, you can take advantage of what they’re calling the Finish Challenge, which features a promotional printable coupon campaign and a guarantee–if unsatisfied with Finish/Electrasol, you can return the product to the manufacturer for a full refund.

Free Electrasol coupons are also available in the ad circular from your favorite grocery store–especially in 2011, as Electrasol officially changes its name to Finish. Finish products will be working hard to burn their names into customer’s brains–the name Electrasol has been with us for more than 50 years, and it will take some serious free printable coupons and advertising to rebrand the product.

You can sign up at rb.com to get $6 in savings on Finish/Electrasol products right away. Just give the company a few details about yourself and you can have instant access to six printable coupons for Finish products, including $3 off the Finish Quantumatic dish detergent dispensing system that normally retails for $10.

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