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Proctor and Gamble Coupon Discounts

Cascade coupons help you save money on purchases of one of the most successful dish washing detergent brands in the United States.

Cascade is marketed by the Proctor & Gamble corporation, which has been selling soaps, detergents, and cleaning supplies for people and homes since 1843. These days, P&G sells over $82 billion in household products every year. Cascade is one of the premier brand lines in the Proctor and Gamble inventory.

2011 – 2012 Cascade Coupons

Let’s begin with a $10.02 plus free shipping coupon for a 60-pack of Cascade Actionpacs. Between the shipping discount and $3.98 off in the purchase, you’ll get over $6 in savings on this item. You can also get $3.75 plus free shipping for a 16-ounce Cascade Rinse Aid bottle.

These are the latest in the late-2011 and 2012 coupon items, though I found it hard to find too many good Cascade promotions (or even any) on many of the standard coupon websites. Luckily, the Proctor & Gamble website is first-rate for supplying the kind of current coupon item, printable coupon codes, and even free coupons customers will like.

Cascade Special Offers

Go to the Cascade Special Offers page to learn about Cascade Detergent’s latest offers from the official web-page. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find Cascade detergent sales of one sort or another. For example, you can find three different deals at the moments. Most coupons tell you that only one coupon is valid at a time, but this lets you activate the coupon which is best for your detergent needs. Here’s the three coupons Proctor & Gamble are currently offering.

The first is $0.50 off any Cascade Action Packs (also spelled “ActionPacs“, which drives me crazy). The second is $0.50 any one Cascade Complete All-in-1 Actionspacs. The third is $0.50 any Cascade Rinse Aid product. But while those are the free printable coupons you can find on the site at the moment, there’s one other resource for cheap sales items from Proctor and Gamble you should never forget about.

Proctor & Gamble Everyday Solutions

The Proctor and Gamble Everyday Solutions lets you get bargains on many P&G products–not just Cascade. Let’s face it: when you want to buy detergent and other cleansing products, you probably want more than just liquid or powder dish washing detergent. You probably want products to clean your whole kitchen, along with the washing your clothes and scrubbing the bathroom. Shampoo, conditioners, hand soaps, and body soaps are other products Proctor and Gamble has you might want.

So when you’re considering buying these products anyway, Proctor and Gamble puts together sales packages to encourage product and brand loyalty. The more items you buy, the more you save on those items. What I’m specifically talking about is the P&G Everyday Solutions Coupon Book. This gives you over $110 in coupon savings in one coupon booklet.

Free Cascade Coupons

Proctor & Gamble and’s Stephanie Nelson combine to promote this program, which lets you order samples online, collect coupons, get purchase tips from Proctor & Gamble’s helpful monthly newsletter, and even shows you how to download coupons to your shopper card (or tells you how to get that shopper card).

The site also reminds shoppers to look inside the boxes they purchase to collect coupons, because these are often the best bargains you’re going to find. You’ll find discounts on brand names like Cascade, Downy, Dawn, Charmin, Crest, Bounty, and Bounce. In all, the savings come to $30 for every set of items you buy. Below are the various promotions currently.

These are free savings you get from the official website of Cascade and other P&G products, so you’ll be able to get coupons and coupon codes that should work 100% of the time. Don’t forget to sign up for the P&G Brand Sample to get the latest samples mailed directly to your home. These are not an insignificant amount of cleaning agents and they are absolutely free and with no obligation. Proctor & Gamble sends them out to promote new brands and to publicize sales.

Printable Cascade Coupons

If you want discounts on household cleaning items, you can get coupon codes for Dishwashing Detergent at RetailMeNot. You can get 25% any purchase with a 94% success rate, a 15% any order at an 87% success rate, and a free shipping coupon at an 84% success rate. These generally include any type of household cleaning supplies, so you’ll be able to buy Cascade detergent online cheaper than you could at the local grocery store. Remember that not every coupon is going to say Cascade on it, but this kind of bargain shopping saves you just as much money or more. The average savings at Great Cleaners on these three bargains is $6.

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