Ivory Coupons

Ivory Coupons

Though the massive company Procter & Gamble is thought of as being founded on Ivory, the product only accounts for about 1% of their total profits. Procter & Gamble has had more success with other lines of home care products, but Ivory has been sold by the brand for so long (since 1879) that it is closely identified with the company.

Ivory is a fairly small line of products, made up of a simple bar soap, a liquid hand soap, a body wash, dish liquid, and a mild laundry product known as Ivory Snow. The dish liquid has long made the claim that it is gentler on hands than Palmolive and cuts grease better than that product at the same time. Now sold as Ultra Ivory Dish Liquid, it is available in two forms–Gentle Lavender scent and Classic Scent. The Classic Scent variety smells like the classic Ivory bar soap, a mild fragrance that doesn’t cling to dishes. Gentle Lavender is a very mild lavender scented dish soap product.

Ivory CouponsIvory dish soap is nowhere near the most popular dish detergent in America, but is a mainstay on store shelves and used by lots of institutions thanks to deals made between schools and hospitals and Procter & Gamble.

Ivory History

When the classic Ivory bar soap was invented in the early 19th century, it was marketed as a soap for personal hygiene and as a laundry detergent. It wasn’t long before people discovered that Ivory soap floats in water–a characteristic of its purity and its recipe. Ivory whips air into the soap as it is made, which doesn’t take away from its cleaning power but keeps it from dissolving too quickly.

By the 20th century, Ivory was hugely popular, as a soap product for bath time, a laundry soap, and even as a cleanser for dishes, though it would be some years before Ivory dish soap was marketed directly to consumers.

At the end of the 20th century, Ivory began to offer a different formulation of their classic bar soap, one that didn’t float like the classic bar thanks to a new recipe and new ingredients.

Printable Ivory Coupons 2011

Thanks to the popularity of third-party coupon websites, finding coupons for Ivory products is easier than ever. Procter & Gamble is a huge corporation, and one that doesn’t shy away from offering coupons like crazy. Simply type “Ivory” into your favorite coupon hunting site and you’ll find free printable Ivory coupons good for the year 2011.

At retailmenot.com (as of this writing), there are coupons for Ivory products available through stores like Office Depot, Sam’s Club, and the grocery chain Kroger. These coupons vary, but contain things like $0.25 or $0.50 off select Ivory products, buy one get one free deals, and “combo” deals where you purchase two Procter & Gamble products and get a discount thanks to the combination purchase.

If you go to Procter & Gamble’s website, you can find special deals on all their products, including everything in the Ivory line. The P&GBrandSaver program sends members a free coupon book with $102 in P&G coupons just for signing up. You can also find free printable coupons for Ivory and other P&G products at the same site with a simple search.

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