Palmolive Coupons

Palmolive Coupons

Manufactured by the Colgate-Palmolive company, a multinational corporation specializing in home health products as well as veterinary products, Palmolive dish detergent was invented in 1898 as an all-purpose soap. At one time, Palmolive was simply a combination of palm oil and olive oil, lending the product its trademark name.

By the turn of the 20th century, Palmolive soap was the best selling soap product in the world, popular enough to host and sponsor two radio programs as a means of advertising. In 1928, Palmolive bought the Colgate company, a joint business venture that continues to this day. Few people know that Palmolive actually owns Tom’s of Maine, a natural and organic health product company with a small-guy image.

Palmolive IngredientsPalmolive Coupons

No longer a combination of palm and olive oils, today’s Palmolive actually contains neither. The main ingredients, besides water and dyes, are ammonium, alcohol, sodium chloride, and sodium bisulfite. The ammonium is the only actual “cleaning” ingredient, with most of the others added to create texture, consistency, or shelf-stability.

Palmolive Varieties

There are so many varieties of Palmolive dishwashing liquids and detergents, there’s probably a product for every home dishwashing need. Choose from detergent for handwashing or detergent for automatic washing machines.

Dishwashing Liquid–These are products used for hand-washing dishes. There are seven varieties of Palmolive dishwashing liquid, ranging from standard Palmolive to “Pure + Clear” without dyes or added chemicals to a special Palmolive Baby product meant for washing dishes used by babies, with ingredients that are softer on your baby’s system.

Dishwashing detergent–Palmolive is pushing their “Eco+” line of dishwashing detergent heavily. These detergents meant for dishwashing machines contain fewer environmentally harmful chemicals, like phosphates. Other varieties of Palmolive detergent include Oxy+ which has an added ingredient to fight grease.

Palmolive Coupons 2011

You can find coupons for free palmolive products and discounts on all Colgate-Palmolive cleansers and soaps in weekly ad circulars, online coupon hunting sites, and directly from the manufacturer or grocery store where you buy Palmolive.

Right now at, for example, you can find dozens of printable coupons for Palmolive and Colgate products, including a special 25 cents off coupon good for Palmolive Antibacterial, listed as “The only detergent approved to kill 99.9% of E.coli, Salmonella & Staph on dishes in seconds.”

Printable coupons are also easy to find at sites like and–just search for “Palmolive” or “Colgate” and you’ll have instant access to lots of different free coupon offers, including “buy one get on free” deals and retailer-specific printable deals.

Check your grocery store’s weekly ads for specials on Palmolive products. These detergents and washing liquids are so popular, it is common to find deals at the grocery store of your choice for the Palmolive product line.

Palmolive has a long history, and has been one of the world’s most popular soaps and detergents for well over a hundred years. Thanks to Palmolive’s popularity and third-party retail websites, you can almost always find a free, printable Palmolive coupon good for the Colgate-Palmolive product you’re shopping for.

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