Starting Your Own Vending Machine Business

Thinking of starting your own vending machine business? Take this quick quiz to determine if the vending business is for you.

1. When your boss is out of the office for the day, you are most likely to___

(a) Finish your current assignment and organize the materials for the presentation.

(b) Finish your current assignment and leave a little early.

(c) Work on your current assignment, with breaks for checking Facebook.(d) Spend all day updating your Facebook profile and posting pictures.

How to Start Your Own Vending Machine Business

How to Start Your Own Vending Machine Business

2. Your financial monitoring habits are best described as___

(a) Reconciling down to the last penny.

(b) Scanning monthly statements for suspicious activity.

(c) Scanning bank statements for significant overdrafts.

(d) Waiting to see if the ATM screen says “insufficient funds.”

3. Your standard procedure at a party is ___

(a) Working the room because you enjoy meeting new people.

(b) Parking yourself by the snacks and making small talk with other grazers.

(c) Hanging out and “people watching.”

(d) Hard to say because party memories are so fuzzy.

4. Your primary means of transportation is___

(a) A car or truck.

(b) Public transportation.

(c) Walking.

(d) The back seat of other people’s cars.

5. The area where you live is best described as___

(a) A city or town.

(b) A rural community.

(c) A remote outpost.

(d) Desolate and/or uncharted.

If all your answers were (a), congratulations:

1. You are self-directed and motivated.

2. You are good at managing money.

3. You enjoy interacting with people.

4. You have reliable transportation.

5. You live in a populated area with a number of viable locations for a vending machine. Visit an online retailer like to see how you can launch your business.

If some of your answers were (b), you should think about whether you are willing to do what it takes to succeed in vending machine sales:

1. You have to be willing and able to take initiative.

2. You need to keep detailed, accurate financial records. The IRS does not have a relaxed attitude about these things.

3. You need the social skills for building and developing contacts and negotiating potential sites.

4. You will need reliable and efficient transportation.

5. You need consumers. Whether you operate a soda vending machine or a hot food vending machine, your business cannot succeed if there are not enough consumers to create a demand.

If most of your answers were (c):

Although it’s good that you like to “go with the flow,” you may not be the best candidate for vending machine sales.

If most of your answers were (d):

It’s possible you should not even be buying things from vending machines.

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