How to Write a Mission Statement for a Company

Anyone starting their own business needs to know how to write a mission statement for a company, so business partners and employees alike know the purpose of your organization and has benchmarks to measure the performance of the enterprise. Mission statements require some thought and analysis, though.

How to Write a Mission Statement for a Business

Here’s a step by step guide for how to write mission statements for a business. Follow each instruction to

Brainstorm for Ideas

Start by asking for ideas from all the people in your life whose business opinions you respect. Once you brainstorm and write down the suggestions and ideas in a notebook, it’s time to think through each and keep those that make sense for your situation.

What Role Will Your Company Play?

Decide what role your company is going to take in your chosen industry as it pertains to your local community. I’m assuming you’ll start out with a small company or business, so worry only about your place in the local scene at the moment.

State Your Priorities – Set Benchmarks for Success

What is your company dedicated to? Do you want to please your customers? Do you want to have the best quality product in the local industry? Do you measure success by growth? Bottom line profits?

This is where you define what success is going to be for your company. This is your goal. Answer this question by determining what your company’s mission is going to be.

Product Evaluation

How to Write a Mission Statement for a Company

How to Write a Mission Statement for a Company

Get a rational and realistic assessment of your product. Assess whether it pleases customers, whether you can assure a ready supply from (and profits for) your suppliers and whether your partners are going to be pleased by it.

Incorporate Ideas into the Mission Statement

Next, collect a committee, possibly your prospective board of directors, and analyze the collected ideas and suggestions. Choose the appropriate ones and incorporate these ideas into your mission statement.

Post Your Mission Statement

In the lobby of your company and in your meeting areas, post your company’s mission statement. Consider putting your mission statement in the halls and other spots on the company premises, so your employees know what the business’s mission is.

Company Mission Statement

Your mission statement is going to remind the people in your company what the common goal is and how their work helps to achieve that goal. The mission statement is the heart of your company and the objective at the end of the day.

Studying how to write a mission statement for your company lets you analyze why you are going into business, brainstorm ideas for how you achieve success and set clear benchmarks to measure the achievements of your company. Mission statements bring focus to your business. Focus brings success.

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