How to Make Your Own Website

A website is nearly a necessity. It’s fortunate then that there are so many ways to get one, even for those of us who aren’t particularly web-savvy. The internet today offers more free means to make your own website than it ever has before.

Vast numbers of designers and software companies give away their themes, their software, and those which don’t offer you trial versions that can be used to help you make your own website.

Making your own website means that you need website content, a host to house that content for you so that it is served up to the online community, and a means to get it on the website. The “boat” if you will that transports it to the world wide web.

Taking those necessities one at a time, we can offer you a little insight on how to make your own website in a fairly short time and get it online.

Creating Your Own Websites

How to Make Your Own WebsiteThe first and best way for creating your own websites is by the use of the tools that your server or host will offer you. In most cases, website hosts now offer a service called Fantastico. It is a software engine that will set up the software that you want to use to make your website. Fantastico does the installation for you automatically, so that you can take some of the most popular of the content management systems or blog software and install them with a single click.

Once you have installed your software there are multiple ways to get themes, or skin as they are sometimes called, to make your website unique and well dressed. Some of the makers of the free software that you have installed will be willing to make your themes available to you to customize your website.

Among the multiple software options that you have are WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, Joomla 1.5, as well as several bulletin board systems such as PHPbb. These groups have dedicated users who feature themes for the software in question that will customize your website to the level that you’d like. Essentially they may be found in nearly any color or style that you are looking for. Finding the right theme for your website is not at all difficult in consideration of the hundreds of themes that are offered free of charge.

The sites which house some of these them offerings for WordPress, Joomla, and other content management systems that you may install are:

These are just a few of the free themes that are online, depending on the content management or blog software that you select when making your own website.

Many of the major software options such as WordPress, which can be a blog or a content management system will offer you a vastly easy way in which to install the template for your website too. Some of these are one click installations that will negate the need for a lengthy learning curve for your new website.

When beginning a new site online it is advisable to learn a little about search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and affiliate marketing too. While your website may never make you wealthy, having it pay for itself is a means of assuring that you don’t have additional outlay for the upkeep of the site or server.

If you elect to use affiliate marketing on your new website, as most people do, then you will want to find several affiliate companies of good reputation with which to build a profitable relationship. Apply to several of the brokerage-type websites that host affiliates to make a few extra dollars on your site.

Making your own website can not only be a real bonus when seeking a job, when finding a new friend, or when building a new business, but it may also be a real bonus for you in making a viable second income.

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