Olive Garden Coupons

Italian Food Discounts and Coupon Codes

Olive Garden Coupons gives you discounts on fine Italian entrees at one of America’s favorite Italian restaurant chains.

You can find sales items, current promotions, and one-time discounts on your favorite meals at the Olive Garden in a number of formats on the Internet.

The various official Olive Garden websites offer bargains, while restaurant discount blogs and sites feature books of coupons.

Finally, you can navigate to one of many coupons websites, where discount shoppers post coupons, coupon code, and printable sales information for other shoppers.

Free Olive Garden Coupons

To get the latest Olive Garden Coupons, click on the newsletter sign-up link I just provided. On this page, you’ll be able to sign up for an official electronic newsletter by Olive Garden informing you when promotions, seasonal discounts, and special coupons are ongoing. Olive Garden has new promotions several times a year and this is the quickest and best way to find out about them–from the official Olive Garden website.

Another way to follow Olive Gardens discount selection is to connect with the Olive Garden Facebook page. This is the official Facebook page of The Olive Garden, so it’s going to have the latest coupon codes and promos. For instance, the current promotion is the Never Ending Pasta Bowl, which offers 7 different pastas and 6 separate sauces for 42 different delicious Italian food combinations. The Never Ending Pasta Bowl deal is on sale for $8.95 right now.

Both of these links provides you news of official Olive Garden coupon announcements. The first is for people who don’t want to have to actively search (or remember to search) on social networking sites, while the second is for people who love socially networking, but who don’t want an endless stream of promotional emails sent to them.

2011 – 2012 Olive Garden Coupons

The Olive Garden coupons page at Retail Me Not features a number of deals for the latter stages of 2011, with some continuing on into early 2012. Let me warn you that a few of the red-letter items listed on this page expired in mid-to-late August, so pay special attention to the expiration date on this particular coupons page.

The red means they’re deals you probably don’t want to use anyway, since they haven’t worked enough times that the RetailMeNot lists them as potentially troublesome or not worth your time. I suspect the large number of red coupon items is probably because people didn’t check when the coupon expires, because Retail Me Not usually does a better job than that of getting rid of expired coupons.

But let’s talk about the Olive Garden coupons still in effect. These include $2 off when you buy two paninis, a favorite of mine. This bargain comes with unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks. The success rate on this coupon hovers around 50% to 54%.

You’ll find a 61% success rate on a $4 off any two dinner entrees. I’ve seen one place where this promotion ended in June, but I’ve seen it listed under “or later”, so check closely to see when the item expires. Also note that you’ll need to “Like” this coupon on Facebook to print off this item. You can go to the Olive Garden Facebook page to learn.

Printable Olive Garden Coupons

If you’re searching for printable Olive Garden coupons or coupons for any restaurant chain, you can go to the Restaurant Coupon Finder website to learn about the latest deals. While this blog is more niche than many of the websites I link to, if you’re looking for eating discounts, this is the perfect niche for you.

Options include a 30% off Olive Garden gift card for $3, book of 40 Olive Garden coupons for 2 entrees, a smaller booklet of 6 coupons, or a collection of $2 and $4 coupons for both lunch and dinner arrangements.

About Olive Garden

Olive Garden opened in 1982 in Orlando, Florida as a property of General Mills. By 1989, 145 Olive Garden restaurants had been opened across the United States. General Mills spun-off its restaurants into its own company in 1995, as Darden Restaurants. These days, you’ll find approximately 790 Olive Garden restaurants across the nation. The corporate headquarters are in Orange County, Florida.

While the critics have not always been kind to Olive Garden, the Italian-American food chain has been wildly popular with the public. The company advertises that it’s people learn to cook Olive Garden foods at an institute in Tuscany, Italy, but managers are only sent to Tuscany once a year for a bit of instructions. Still, Olive Garden is one of the most popular Italian food chains in America.

Cheaper Olive Garden Eating

Eating at the Olive Garden doesn’t have to cost as much as you think it does. Like most big food chains, the Olive Garden drives promotions by offering discounts, and their newsletter and Facebook pages make it easy to follow their promotions without getting bombarded with coupon ads. So do your homework, get hooked up with the right information sources, and be armed with coupons every timne you walk in your local Olive Garden.

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