How to Be a Good Wife

Getting married to someone is probably one of the most special days in anyone’s life. Marriage is a special bond that two people share, however sometimes things can fall apart. Being aware of how to be a good wife isn’t something that can happen over night and it will take a bit of learning on your part.

Being a Good Wife

Here are a few tips that you might want to consider when looking to be a good wife to your man. Remember, being a good wife requires work and practice, and while no two marriages are alike we feel that these tips should give you a strong foundation.

Listen to him: Listening to your husband is one of the best ways to keep a relationship strong and fresh. Show an interest in what he does and also work out what he might not enjoy. By listening you may be able to stop problems from developing early on. When a husband and wife stop listening to each other the arguments commence. Of course this is a two way process, and he should also be listening to you as well and taking on board your feeling and concerns. A marriage without communication is one without hope.

Show Him Some Respect: Marriage is about give and take. A relationship has its ups and down and you will both go through different issues. You husband will confide in you problems that he has and you must respect these problems. Things that your husband is worried about may not be of concern to you but you must respect his opinion and do what you can to help. Having said that, it is unwise to simply storm in and begin addressing these issues without his involvement as this will only exacerbate the situation. Try to talk them over with him and see what you can do to ease his concerns. Your husband may reveal embarrassing truths about himself but you must not use this as an opportunity to belittle him. If you tease your partner after he confides in you, you will lose a element trust that will be very hard to regain.

Pick your battles: It is inevitable that in a marriage you are going to disagree about certain things. You will have arguments during your married life and it is not abnormal for a couple who spend so much time together to occasionally fight. However, you should be careful to pick your battles and don’t expect to get your own way all the time. When you disagree with your partner, work out whether it is worth causing an argument about. Some issues might be of genuine importance to you but others you realize in hindsight were just sheer pettiness. Marriage is all about making small sacrifices for your husband and part of being a good wife is to know when to argue and know when to swallow your pride and meet him half way.

How to Be a Good Wife

How to Be a Good Wife

Be Intimate Regularly: Most men feel that intimacy and sex is a very important part of a relationship. It is something that makes them feel very close to you. A good wife will therefore be intimate with her husband regularly. It helps keep the both of you happy with your relationship. While you don’twant to go overboard, making love once a week is probably about right for most couples. If you stop making love with your husband you may find you begin drifting apart. If for some reason you don’t want to be intimate with your husband, discuss the issue with him so that he understands your reasoning.. Too many couples will avoid the subject for too long and before they know it they are more like friends than husband and wife.

Accept Him: Everyone has imperfections in themselves and their personalities. Marrying someone means that you have to accept all his imperfections. Some of them might drive you up the wall but you knew this when you said “I do” at the alter. Be patient with him and if something is really bothering you then just bring it up calmly.

Don’t put too much pressure on him: All you can ask of your man is that he tries his best. Some wives put so much pressure on their husband that they never feel that they can live up to expectations. If your man is working hard make sure you reward him. Don’t set him impossible tasks and even help him out if he is struggling with something whether it be at work or at home.

Keep the romance alive: Even though typically the man is expected to make romantic gestures, the world we live in is changing. A good wife will surprise his man with romantic gestures. These gestures can be as small as buying him a gift or writing him a romantic letter. Other great surprises that involve a little more money includes a mini break or taking him out for a meal. It’s a nice surprise for a wife to do this every now and then for her husband. It shows him how much you care about him and appreciate all he does for you.

Do no nag: One of the stereotypical views of a bad wives is that they nag. Nagging is something that nobody wants to endure. A good wife will therefore not live up to this stereotype. If you want your husband to do something for, you ask him nicely and in a pleasant tone. Don’t keep harassing him over the same issue. If you feel he isn’t pulling his weight, sit him down and express your concerns. There is nothing worse for a man than coming home to a moaning wife after a hard day in the office.

Tips for Being a Good Wife

Being a good wife will not only make your husband a lot happier in your relationship but it will also hopefully encourage him to treat you the same way. Sometimes marriage can feel like a struggle but always remember why you married him and stick by him. These are just a few ideas of what you can do to be a good wife, of course there are almost unlimited things you can do to improve your relationship and only you will know what is right for your marriage.

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