How to Attract Men

Finding the right person is a problem that everyone has to go through in life. Realizing how to attract men is a challenge that all women have and the more men you attract, the more choice you have in finding that Mr. right.

What Men Find Attractive

In order to understand how to attract men first you must understand what men find attractive. Below are some tips that are sure to help draw men to you.

Do not go out in groups of more than three: In order to get your dream man to come over to you on a night out, he has to have the courage to do so. The larger the group of women, the harder a man finds it to pluck up the courage to come over. If you go out in groups of three or less, it will make it a lot less daunting than a very large group. You will find you are approached by a lot more men when socializing in groups of three or less.

Do not go out with a mixed group: If you are looking to get a man to come over and talk to you when you are on a night out, heading out a mixed group is a massive mistake. If you are in a large group with men and women, men will most likely not approach you. This is because a large group is daunting as mentioned above, but they will also assume that one of the men you are out with is your boyfriend. By going out simply with a group of girls, you will find that the amount of guys that approach you to buy you a drink or start a conversation will drastically go up.

Try to get eye contact: When you are out in a club, it is often viewed as the guys job to come over and talk to you. Giving them signs that you are attracted to them will make the chance of this go up. By giving a little eye contact to a guy, you can show that you are interested in him. Obviously, there is a big difference between giving some eye contact and simply staring at your chosen guy so be careful of that. Not longer than 2 second is usually a good rule of thumb to show him you are interested but not some kind of weird staring woman. If you are a little too shy to stare that gorgeous guy in the eye, try to focus on the spot between his eyes. This allows you to appear to be looking at his eyes without having to face your fears.

How to Attract Men

How to Attract Men

Do not Expect Gifts: Women that expect a man to buy them all their drinks, meals and gifts are a massive turn off. Though it is very nice for a man to buy you all your drinks and it is quite romantic, you should never expect it. If he goes to pay for a meal, offer to split it. You can even offer to leave the tip if he declines your offer. Even if you do not really intend to pay, the gesture is very nice and many men will respect you for it. By not expecting gifts and meals, you will make a man feel like you like him and not his money. Woman that do expect all this tend to attract the wrong type of man and will eventually find out that they are in love with the money and not the person they are with.

Remember to smile: A guy is much more likely to come over to a girl that is looking like she is enjoying herself as opposed to one that is not. Smiling is not only a way to show that you are enjoying yourself, but it is also something that makes you look far more attractive, friendly, and non-threatening. When a guy is talking to you that you like, make sure you smile so he can tell you are interested in what you are talking about. So many girls go out with a frown on their face and wonder why no guy goes over to them. Body language is a big part of telling a guy that you like him, so make sure he knows you are enjoying yourself.

Keep the small talk positive: Making a first impression of a person is very important. Do not head straight into how serious the world is on your first meeting. Keep the small talk light, positive, and easy to digest. The more serious stuff is something you can reveal after he gets to know you a little. When a guy is talking to a girl on a night out, he just wants someone who is easy to talk to and very cheery. Do not lie to him, but make sure the conversation stays light hearted and fun.

Take care of yourself: When you are first trying to meet a guy there are only a few things he can go on before he builds up the courage to come over to you. One of these are the way you look. Everyone has very different ways they like to look. Make sure that whatever your style, it is presentable. If you are trying to be stylish, make sure your clothes are tidy and not tatty. Make sure you do not smell of something and that your make up looks okay. Generally showing that you care about your appearance, however you dress, is a good start to get the guys living up to talk to you. Do not try to change your style so you attract a certain guy. Instead, simply present yourself the best you can without changing who you are as a person.

Though all these tips are designed to help you attract the right guy, it is important that you do not change yourself too much. At the end of the day, a guy should want to spend time with you because he likes you and not some fake persona you have created. What men find attractive is a genuine personality.

Using these tips are a great way to attract men but you must ensure that they end up falling in love with you and not some front you have put up.

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