How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Getting the girl of your dreams is the first step, keeping her is the second. Regardless of what people say, girls want a boyfriend to tend to their needs and care about them. This involves learning how to be a good boyfriend and not being the stereotypical bad boy that always gets the good girls. Following a few guidelines without completely changing your personality should ensure that you keep your lady for as long as you can. Knowing how to be a good boyfriend has its benefit as well. Your partner will be happier, the relationship will be more likely to last, and you might receive the same treatment back.

Listen to her needs: Listening to your partner lets you know what is going on with them. A relationship is not just one way. Listening to your partner lets you know how they are feeling. If they are unhappy about something, take a mental note and see if you can change it. Taking a real interest in what they are doing will allow you to connect with them in a way that you probably could not before. Not only will it bring you closer in terms of interests and trust, it will also allow you to stop yourself from making her unhappy.

Be romantic: Many relationships tend to fizzle out because the spark goes. Being romantic not only makes her feel very special, but it also helps to keep the surprise and spark alive. Being romantic does not have to involve spending lots of money; it just means you surprise her with thoughtful gestures. Picking her flowers every now and then, looking after her when she is sick, and writing her a poem are three ways you can be romantic for your partner without having to spend a lot of money. As a boyfriend, if you wish to spend out a little – take her out for a meal or buy a romantic trip away. Being romantic allows your relationship to keep fresh and will prevent you from becoming more friends than lovers. One thing you should be careful of is being romantic all the time. Showering her with gifts 24 hours a day is not always the best thing to do. As soon as she starts to expect these gestures is the beginning of her falling in love with your money and not with you. Romantic gestures should never be expected and they should reflect your personality.

How to Be a Good Boyfriend

How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Remember the important dates: A relationship should have a few important dates every year that a boyfriend should remember to celebrate. Again, it is not so much the importance of spending money on these dates but making a romantic gesture will go a long way with a girlfriend. Dates such as your year anniversary, Christmas, and her birthday are all dates that you should celebrate with a small gift or gesture. Common gifts for these dates including taking her out for a romantic meal, cooking for her or flowers and chocolates. You can always think outside the box when it comes to presents and by listening to her, you can get her something that is really unique and special to her.

Make A Good Impression On Her Family: Family are one of the few people that you have to impress in order to get the thumbs up to go out with your girlfriend. If your are disliked by her family, it becomes 10 times harder to be in a relationship with her, now some families however hard you try will simply not like you and this is something that you cant help. You must try, however, to make the best impression you can when you meet them. Still be yourself, but make sure you are polite and courteous towards them. Ensure you take an interest in what they do and try to fit in with their conversation. A family just wants to know that their little girl is in safe hands. Getting the seal of approval from her parents can sometimes mean the difference of the relationship working or failing.

Care to Her Needs: Caring to your partner’s needs is a big part of being a good boyfriend. As mentioned above, listening to her allows you to know what she wants and needs. Being able to care for her needs comes from listening to her. If she is ill, you should look after her when you can. If she needs help with something, you should try to ensure you try to help her. Obviously, there is a point you should draw the line when she starts to demand too much, but doing those small things help to make you irreplaceable to her.

Be yourself: This is probably one of the most important points on the list. Even though everything above makes you a good boyfriend make sure you do not try to be something you are not. At the end of the day, if she cannot fall in love with the person that you are – you should not be together. Changing small parts of yourself to make you more caring is still a great thing to do but do not try to be something you are not. Sometimes, two people just are not compatible with each other and being something you are not will just prolong you both finding that out. Being yourself also allows the two of you to get close to each other.

Being a Good Boyfriend

Each girl is completely different and you will find that what one might like, the other might lot. For instance, a lot of girls like pampering and taking care of but some girls simply do not. Being a good boyfriend means making sure you listen to her needs. Get a feel for what she likes and what she does not. Try to adapt accordingly. One of the biggest secrets of being a good boyfriend is simply adapting to what she wants by listening to her. Unique, non-generic gestures really are the way to many girls’ hearts, but you will not know what those are until you really know her well.

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