How to Be a Good Girlfriend

Getting a boyfriend is a great feeling for any girl. Keeping him and treating him right will ensure that your relationship stays on track. Being a good girlfriend is great for your boyfriend and your relationship. An added bonus is if you treat him right he is more than likely to return the favour and you will both be walking on cloud nine.

Tips for Being a Good Girlfriend

Here are a few creative tips for being a good girlfriend.

Be Romantic: A guy loves nothing more than his girlfriend to surprise him with a romantic gesture. Traditionally it was the mans job to be romantic but times have definitely changed in that respect. Treat your boyfriend to a romantic surprise such as a mini break, romantic meal or love poem. Your romantic gesture isn’t measured by the money spent, it is measured by the thought and effort made. Your boyfriend will really appreciate it if you go the extra mile and really think outside the box with your romantic gesture.

Be Honest: Trust and relationships are built on honesty. Lying to your boyfriend is only going to cause problems in the long run. Making small lies that you feel aren’t a big deal can end up causing long term issues between you as he might question other things you have said to him. Be honest with him and remember, it only takes one lie to ruin a relationship and to lose all that trust you have spent months to develop. Even if you have done something you regret, telling him is far better than him finding out on his own.

Show an interest in him: Men and Women are very different from one another. You won’t be interested in everything he is interested in but at least try to understand why it matters to him. By showing you care about these things he cares about you will build trust and respect. A relationship where neither party make an effort to understand the things that matter to the other, is one that is doomed to fail.

How to Be a Good Girlfriend

How to Be a Good Girlfriend

Be Sexy: Men are attracted to sexy women who aren’t afraid to seduce them. You don’t constantly have to act sexy but doing it every now and then will keep your man extremely interested. Men love a sexy, confident, powerful woman who isn’t afraid to get what they want. If you demonstrate these qualities every now and then you will have him gagging for more.

Keep it slow: There is nothing worse than someone who wants too much too soon. When you are first getting to know your boyfriend just hold back a little. If you try and move things too fast you might scare him off. Even if you want to make a huge gesture, it’s best just to hold back at the beginning. Gradually let him know how you feel and see what he offers in return. Hopefully he will feel the same and eventually you can show him exactly what he means to you.

Keep strong communication: To build a relationship you need to communicate regularly. This may sound obvious but many couples fail to do this. Communicating means you need to listen to what is going on with your partner. Pay attention to his needs, worries and passions. By communicating with him you can talk over any concerns he might have before they develop into something insurmountable. Letting these concerns bottle up will achieve nothing other than destroy your relationship in the long run.

Being reliable: While small surprises are always good in a relationship, the majority of people will want to be with someone who is reliable. This means that you shouldn’t be constantly cancelling dates or commitments you have made with your partner. Your boyfriend should be able to rely on you to be there for him when he needs you. This builds up trust and makes your much more special in his eyes.

Don’t Nag Him: One of the worst stereotypes of a woman is the nagger. Make sure you don’t fall into this category. If you have any issues bring them up without making him feel like you are being overly negative. If he continues to irritate you then bring it up again but still without nagging. Always keep a positive attitude when talking to your boyfriend. If he decides to keep doing what you have brought up then you need to decide whether or not this is a big problem for you. If it is you might want to pick a fight to try and rectify the situation. Whatever you do don’t continuously go on about the same thing over and over. Give him a chance to address the issue and if he doesn’t then be honest about how unhappy you are about it.

Be Yourself: A boyfriend wants to fall in love with the real you. It can sometimes be hard to be yourself with your boyfriend straight away so ease into it slowly. If he doesn’t like what he sees that is his problem. Your boyfriend should love you for who you are and not what he wants you to be. Everyone puts up a front when they first meet someone and it may take time before you feel comfortable enough to show your true colours. However, eventually this will come and, if not, then it is probably not a relationship with any real future. Don’t feel like you have to change to suit his needs. If he feels you are being yourself around him, you will probably also get to know the real him.

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