How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

You’ve likely seen people who are scarred from having acne. It can make you very self-conscious about your appearance, affecting your lifestyle and self-esteem. It’s not the person’s fault. No one chooses to get acne and some cases can be severe. Acne affects everyone to differing degrees and sometimes not at all.

Acne scars will often disappear after the first year or two but many people have them for the rest of their lives. The good news is that there are treatments available for people with acne scars. You no longer have to hide your looks or be self-conscious all the time. If you do have acne scars and want to do something about them, here is some information you might find helpful.

What Causes Acne Scars

Acne scars develop from popping a pimple. It’s natural to want to get rid of the unsightly little bumps. But when you pop one, it leaves a mark from the damaged skin. The deeper the pimple, the more damage you cause from doing it. The scars appear where the skin becomes discolored due to the inflammation of acne. So every time you pop a zit, you are making the problem worse.

Acne scars develop from two reasons: either loss of skin tissue or the buildup of skin tissue around the lesion. The body will try to heal itself from the inflammation of acne which is why scars will sometimes disappear. However, when the acne condition is severe, the development of scars is inevitable and treatment is your only option.

Acne Scar Treatments

If your acne condition is severe, you should always see a doctor. They can prescribe medications such as antibiotics and topicals to help fight the inflammation and bacteria. But if you already have the scars, there are several procedures available to get rid of them. These acne scar treatments each have their own degrees of success as well as separate costs associated with them. But for a smooth and healthy looking skin, you might find it worth it to try an acne scar removal treatment that is right for you.

When you have fresh acne lesions, try rubbing some Aloe Vera gel, Tea Tree Oil, or Honey onto the area. Treatments such as these should be done twice a day to prevent or lessen the development of scars. The honey should be applied before you go to bed at night. To keep it from getting all over you as you sleep, cover it with a bit of plastic or gauze.

If you already have scars, try a little Lemon Juice or Rosehip Seed Oil. The Lemon Juice will help to bleach the scars, making them less noticeable while the Rosehip Seed Oil should be massaged into your skin to help smooth the scars out. Both methods should be done twice a day.

And lastly, always use a glycerine-based soap to wash your face. Bar soaps are too harsh for your skin and can cause it to dry out, thus increasing your acne breakout. When you have acne, always use a dermatologist approved cleansing lotion, one that is oil-free or contains chemicals that will also dry out your skin. Taking care of your skin while you have acne is a great step in avoiding acne scars but if you do have them, know that you can get them removed through various treatments.

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