How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Because many people don’t know where bed bugs come from, even fewer will know how to get rid of bed bugs if they realize they have an infestation. Unlike other uninvited guests, bed bugs cannot be removed in the same manner as ants, spiders, or mice. Special precautions must be taken to prevent them as well as getting rid of them.

Bed bugs can be found almost worldwide, but are native to northern areas as opposed to tropical climates. While dust mites are mistaken for bed bugs, bed bugs are large enough to be seen. When trying to distinguish which insect you’re looking at, remember that bedbugs have a flat body that is a reddish or brownish color. If you have seen tiny blood spots on your furniture or bed but cannot find a corresponding wound, check for bed bugs and take the measures to rid your home of them.

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

The following home remedies for bed bugs can be carried by most any individual. If you encounter problems by using these bed bug home remedies, follow step number 7 and contact a professional.

1. Throw out the source of the infestation. If you notice the bed bugs are in the cushion of a certain chair or burrowing in a pillow, it is safest to remove that object from your house. While this may not be possible for a mattress or a couch, the small amount of money it will take to replace a pillow is worth it.

2. Clean the area in a thorough fashion. Vacuum the area where the bed bugs are spotted, as well as the surrounding areas. Check every crack and crevice for a thorough cleaning and apply a sealable cover. Do this multiple times. Wash any bedding, linen, or clothes that have had contact with the area in hot water.

3. Set up sticky traps. Insecticides are not an option when it comes to bed bugs, because they tend to settle in the fabrics of bedrooms. Most store-bought insecticide manufacturers do not recommend using the product in rooms where people sleep.

However, setting up sticky traps and avoiding the room will likely catch a large percent of the bed bugs.

4. Use Boric acid on non-fabric areas. Boric acid can be used in the bedroom as long as it is not applied to the bed or other fabrics. Most bed bugs hide in the mattress or couch, though many will hide in the crevices of light switches or baseboards where Boric acid is safe to apply.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

5. Use Nuvan strips for small objects. Anything that may have had contact with bed bugs, including pillows, stuffed animals and even alarm clocks are put in a large garbage bag along with a single Nuvan strip. Seal the bag tightly and leave for three days to kill all the bed bugs.

Although Nuvan strips contain a low dose of toxins, these strips still be sure to wash all fabrics and wipe down any hard surfaces that were placed in the bag.

6. Repeat each step multiple times. Do not assume that one dose of Nuvan or Boric acid, or a single round of sticky traps and vacuuming will rid your home of all the bed bugs. Repeat each action 3 times no more than ten days apart.

7. Contact a professional. Some bed bug infestations are too large to handle on your own. In such cases, contact a professional who can safely use stronger products to kill all the bugs in your home while you are safely removed from the toxins.

While bed bugs have a bad reputation, this is due entirely to the inconvenience they cause home owners and the stigma against all bugs in general.

Bed bugs do not carry disease or make their hosts sick, unless they have a rare allergy. Also, bed bug don’t burrow in skin and remain on people like rumors suggest. Despite all this, no one wants bed bugs, because it’s not sightly to have bugs crawling around your house.

Guide to Bed Bug Problems

The process of getting rid of bed bugs is simple, straight forward and efficient for a small infestation of bed bugs, when you follow the proper bed bug tips. For larger infestations, professional help may be the only solution. With a few safe chemicals, tedious washing and future preventive measures, you can take back your home from the bed bugs.

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