How to Quit Smoking

Most smokers are familiar with the benefits associated with quitting smoking, but quitting smoking is still one of the hardest things anyone can try to do. Especially if you don’t know HOW to quit smoking.

Here are 7 tips for how to quit smoking:

  1. Formulate a Clear and Specific Goal – An individual who wishes to stop smoking needs to decide exactyl what their goal is and write it down. For smokers that smoke a pack a day or more, it may be better to cut back on cigarettes incrementally before quitting altogether. All real goal dates include deadlines, so set a smoke free date, in writing.
  2. Share the Goal with Family and Friends – After a goal is formulated, it needs to be shared with family and friends. There may be no accountability if the goal is not shared and it is important to inform others of the intent to stop smoking. Other people who smoke should be alerted of the goal and recognize the fact that they could prove to be detrimental if they offer cigarettes.
  3. Consult a Physician for Guidance – Your family doctor should be consulted before you quit smoking. Several prescription medications can help patients stop smoking.
  4. Seek a Support Group or Network – Individuals who try to quit smoking alone often fail, so it’s important to seek a support group or network that shares a common goal. If no such group can be located, online forums and message boards allow users to post their experiences and tips.
  5. How to Quit Smoking

    How to Quit Smoking

    Replace the Habit – Many smokers blame their inability to quit on missing the actual ritual or habit of smoking, so finding a replacement ritual can help. Chewing gum is an excellent replacement for cigarettes. But don’t replace the smoking a new negative habit like biting fingernails or chewing tobacco.
  6. Get Rid of Merchandise or Accessories – Most smokers have accumulated favorite lighters and other tobacco related accessories, so it is necessary to get rid of them. Any merchandise that reminds a person of their habit needs to be removed. Having a lighter around just makes it easier to light up a cigarette. Any cigarette brand related materials, like posters, ballcaps, or shirts, should also be disposed of. The constant reminder of cigarettes is a recipe for failure.
  7. Create Rewards to Encourage Good Behavior – Quitting smoking is a long process, and it’s not something that can be accomplished overnight. Create rewards that will encourage good behavior and help keep the process from becoming too frustrating. It can be hard to imagine the end result and smaller obstacles are easier to clear than the large one.

Most people who fail when they try to quit didn’t prepare. Quitting smoking is harder than some people think. Quitting smoking will improve your health and save you money, so even though it’s one of the hardest things in the word to do, it’s worth it.

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