How to Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast is the determined goal of any individual who wants to look and feel better. Years of inactivity and unhealthy eating may have added on unwanted pounds. But today the challenge is how to lose that added weight fast. Fad diets or dangerous diet pills can make fast weight loss unsafe and unhealthy. There are some surefire ways to lose weight fast without endangering your health.

  1. Increase your daily consumption of water. When the body is properly hydrated, it facilitates the faster burning of fat and increases your metabolism. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily, even more after vigorous exercise.
  2. Start exercising. If you aren’t already walking, swimming, jogging or running on a daily basis, add at least 10 minutes of physical exercise into your daily routine and keep increasing that amount until you do at least 30 minutes of exercise three to four times weekly. This will boost your metabolic rate, helping you burn calories and lose weight faster.
  3. Track your daily calorie intake. Since it takes a decrease of 500 calories daily to lose one pound per week, it can be easy to calculate just how many calories you are currently taking in and just how many calories you will need to trim in order to start losing quickly. Write down everything, including condiments, cups of coffee, pats of butter, that you consume each day so you can get an accurate picture of just how many calories you are really consuming and to help motivate you to trimming that number in order to accelerate your weight loss.
  4. Determine which foods you currently are eating that can be eliminated in order to reduce your caloric intake. Losing weight fast could be as simple as replacing a more caloric smoothie or coffee with cream with ice tea and no sugar, or your usual morning bagel with a fresh orange instead.
  5. Redesign your menus to be lean, fresh and healthy. Go for that fruit salad with yogurt dressing rather than cheeseburger and fries. Choose chicken and fish for your main courses. Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you want, because they are nutritional powerhouses that also help you to feel full faster.
  6. How to Lose Weight Fast

    How to Lose Weight Fast

    Reduce your portion sizes. Eat one fistful of popcorn from the bag, not the whole bag. Serve your meals on smaller plates to make portions look bigger. Drink a 6-ounce glass of juice rather than 20 ounces.

  7. Don’t eliminate snacks – just make them healthy ones. Opt for apples, raw nuts and rice cakes in place of candy or bakery items. Keep cut celery, carrots, jicama and bell peppers in icewater in the refrigerator ready for snacking and enjoy them plain rather than with fatty dips or dressings.
  8. Don’t skip breakfast. This is the biggest mistake most individuals who want to lose weight fast make, thinking that eliminating this meal will reduce more calories. Your body is like a finely tuned furnace and needs the calories you take in at breakfast to keep your metabolism running at peak efficiency for the rest of the day. Enjoy some oatmeal and fresh fruit, or poached eggs and grilled vegetables.
  9. Increase your fiber intake. Fiber-rich foods will help you to feel fuller longer between meals, resisting the urge to snack on fatty, sugary and unhealthy foods.
  10. Sign up for an aerobic exercise or weight training class. When you combine these forms of exercise three to four times a week with all of the above lifestyle changes, you can increase your metabolic rate by as much as 15%.

It’s also important to have established the mental commitment to wanting to lose weight fast so you can stay motivated and dedicated to making the lifestyle and menu changes necessary that will result in the pounds dropping off quickly. Don’t be afraid to take 2 to 3 days off from exercise each week to give your muscles a chance to rest and make sure you are getting enough sleep each night, because a lack of sleep actually interferes with your body’s ability to burn fat.

Any successful program to lose weight fast should be taken one day at a time, congratulating yourself on a daily basis for incorporating new habits and new ways of eating into your routine that will help you drop those unwanted pounds in the fastest time possible.

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