How to Do a Pedicure

Learn how to do a pedicure to save yourself money or to treat you partner extra special. There’s nothing more sensual than giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a pedicure, at least if you know how to do a good pedicure. Otherwise, your feet and nails won’t look in top shape and the whole exercise becomes a mess.

So I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to giving pedicures, as well as instructions for pampering yourself and saving money by giving yourself the pedicure treatment. You don’t have to run off to the Bella Fontana Spa to treat yourself right.

You might think a pedicure is a luxury, but good nail care can prevent toenail diseases, nail disorders and problems with dead skin cells on the bottom of your feat. Many spa treatments these days include lower leg treatments along with a pedicure, such as leg waxing or shaving and a lower leg massage. These are not part of the traditional pedicure though. Those with lower leg circulation problems should avoid leg massages, because this can lead to blood clots.

With our qualifications and warnings out of the way, let’s discuss how to give a pedicure.

Collect Pedicure Supplies

Below is a list of supplies to consider getting for your pedicure treatment. Some of these are optional, while others are essential.

Essential Pedicure Supplies

Optional Pedicure Supplies

Remove Nail Polish

Once you have your supplies, you’re ready to start the pedicure. First, remove any nail polish remaining from your toenails. You want to start over with a blank slate and old nail polish is just going to get in your way.

Soak Your Feet

Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in warm water. Consider adding a foot soak or Epsom salt if the person is having foot problems. Dry your feet with a towel in preparation for the next step in the pedicure. Don’t start to clip toenails when toes and nails are wet.

Clip the Toenails

How to Do a Pedicure

How to Do a Pedicure

Clip all toenails straight across. Straight clips prevent in-grown toenails along the edges of the nails.

Use a proper toenail clipper. I would suggest that you not use scissors unless you are a professional pedicurist. Even then, that makes me nervous.

Don’t cut too deep or your subject will have sore and sometimes bloody toenails. This is easier to do when cutting someone else’s toenails than your own, so be extra careful and attentive.

File the Toenails

File each and every toenail, to eliminate rough edges. This is an important step, because you want toenails to appear natural, while well-trimmed. You want the pedicures toenails to be smooth, with no sign of jaggedness or freshly cut nails.

Treat the Cuticles

Pay attention to the cuticles. Push any cuticles back which are obtruding on the toenail. Once again, you want your toenail to look perfect after a pedicure.

If you’re having trouble with cuticles, use a cuticle moisturizer or cuticle oil and then try pushing the cuticle back with a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick. If this does not work, consider using the cuticle nipper or cuticle remover. Only do this when no other method is available to you.

Never cut cuticles with a nail clipper or scissors. That’s recommended for your own toes, much less the pedicures of a friend or lover. It’s easy to cause damage cutting cuticles with improper tools and that’s going to completely ruin the effect of the pedicure treatment.

Tend to the Feet

Examine the feet for dry skin or roughened skin patches. You will want to exfoliate these areas with a loofah or pumice stone. Exfoliating these rough patches of skin can help avoid corns and other “hard skin” foot problems. You tend to find roughened skin at the base of the feet and around the bigger joints.

Massage the Feet

Once you have taken care of the cuticles, you’ll want to massage the feet. Massage while using a moisturizing lotion. This assists in treating any dry skin patches on the feet.

Prepare for the Nail Treatment

Now that you have taken care of cuticles and dry skin on the feet, it’s time to attend to the nails once more. Separate the toes with cotton. There are also toe separation devices on the market, if you prefer.

I like the look of the cotton on the feet, especially if you’re giving a pedicure to a boyfriend, girlfriend or lover. Maybe I just have a foot fetish.

Polishing the Toenails

Add a base coat to the toenails. Give the coating time to dry.

Once the base coat is dry, apply nail polish to the toes. You’ll want to clean up stray marks with a cotton swab that is treated with polish remover of some kind. Once again, let the polish dry.

Apply a second coat of nail polish for deeper color. The second coating of the same color makes the pedicure look deeper and more professional. Once again, clear away any stray marks.

Apply Clear Toe Polish

Finally, add a top coating of clear nail polish. This gives shine and protects the colored polish from chipping, for a longer-lasting pedicure. Once more, give the nails time to dry. Don’t put on shoes for 1-2 hours after the final coat of polish is applied.

You might notice from the toe polishing portion of these instructions that a good pedicure takes time. Set aside plenty of time and use patience, whether you’re giving a pedicure to a friend or giving yourself a pedicure. Nail polishing and foot treatment are about pampering yourself or others, and a good pampering should never be rushed.

Pedicure Specialist

Now that you know how to give a pedicure, try out these techniques on yourself or with a trusted friend. Learn the techniques by heart and practice to improve your skills at cuticle pushing, foot massage, dry skin treatment and polishing nails. Once you become better a pedicures, you might become the go-to person among your circle of friends for pedicure treatments. Or you might keep the secrets of how to do a pedicure between you and your significant other.

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