How to Apply Bronzer

Learn how to apply bronzer to give yourself the “tan” look during the cold weather months, if you don’t have time or inclination to go to the tanning bed, or in the summer to give a slighty tanned or fully tanned complexion a bronzed sheen. A bronzer is a powder, not unlike blush, which women often apply to their faces to make their nose, forehead and cheekbones appear tanner. You can also buy body tanner in spray-on or lotion form.

Tips for Applying Bronzer Properly

Applying bronzer properly can give a woman golden highlights to her skin tone. A woman usually applies bronze powder with a brush to her face, temples, cheekbones, shoulders and upper chest. Women have different opinions on the effectiveness of bronzer products, but when pulled off the right way, bronzer can give you that sunkissed look just about everyone is going for. Ultimately, it’s best if you get a (moderate) natural sun tan in lieu of the tanning bed or spray-on tan, but there are parts of the country that’s not even a possibility. The following tips for applying bronzer properly should help you make the best of the product you’re using.

Select a Bronzer

When choosing a bronzer, select a bronze color with roughly the same tone, but a few shades darker than your natural skin color. Don’t select a bronzer that is too dark for your complexion, or else the effect with be jarring and fake.

Choose a proper shade for your hair color, as well. Pink tints are best for blondes, while orange tints look better with brunettes. Don’t choose the orange if you’re going blonde, though, because this makes your skin look orange – which is never good.

Use a Proper Brush

Find a makeup brush that works well for bronzer. I would suggest you use the same sort of brush you would use when applying blush. I prefer larger, softer round-end brushes to the kind that come store-bought in blush cases.

If you select an improper brush, you might end up with lines or blotchy patterns. Avoid lines and blotches. In my mind, it’s better to go with untanned skin.

Exfoliate Your Face

How to Apply Bronzer

How to Apply Bronzer

Exfoliate your skin before you apply skin bronze. If you don’t, when you put the bronze on your face, it might causes lines or splotchy spots.

Besides, skin exfoliation is a good idea in general. Your body regrows a new top layer of skin every 35 days. Skin grows from inside your body out, so the skin on the surface of your body is the oldest layer of skin. As you replace old skin, the cells of the outer layer die and flake off.

Exfoliating your skin takes that dead layer of skin off. That’s why men who have just shaved their beard appear to have such smooth skin, because they razor takes the dead skin off their face. Women don’t shave their face, so they need to exfoliate, instead.

By a loofah, exfoliating sponge or exfoliating gloves. Buy an exfoliant (without pumice in it) and exfoliate your skin. Don’t scrub too hard, because the skin on your face is delicate. A soft scrub does the trick.

Apply a Powder

Like makeup, it’s better to put on a base or foundation layer before you apply the bronze powder. If you don’t, the effect is often shiny skin that doesn’t look right. Base takes off the shiny from moisture and oil, because excess amounts of either are absorbed by the base.

When you’re applying bronzer, touch the part of the face that would normally be highlighted by a sun tan: forehead, cheeks and nose. Dust the face lightly at first. Getting off bronzer if you apply too much is harder than applying a little more if your first dusting doesn’t do the trick. Also, if you start light and build the color as you go, you’ll get the shading for your skin color right.

Blend the Bronzer

Once you are finished, test out the bronzing in a day setting or under bright lights to make sure you did it right. It’s easy to apply to heavy, so it’s better to test every time you put on bronzer.

If you overdid it, use a cotton pad to blend the bronzer.

Bronzer Makeup Tutorial

If you want to see a visual how-to guide for applying bronzer, take a look at this Bronzer Make Up Tutorial. It’s a couple of minutes and shows where and how you brush the bronzer on.

Applying Bronzing Powder

The Sun can be damaging to your skin. UV rays dry out the skin and break down the cells. Women who spend their lives over-tanning in the Spring and Summer end up with leathery skin that is unattractive, while overexposure to ultra-violet rays can cause cancer. Before you overdo your summer tanning, consider getting a tan, but enhancing with bronzing powder. If you do get a sunburn, remember to take plenty of Vitamin D, which helps in healthy skin growth.

Ultimately, a bronze tan looks healthier and more attractive than a deep tan. Whatever you do, don’t sit out in the solar rays all summer by the poolside. Skin bronze is just one of a series of options. If you do choose bronzer, here’s hoping our little tutorial on how to apply bronzer will help you look beautiful and save your skin.

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