How to Cut Hair

Learning how to cut hair can be a great advantage in these tough economic times. Instead of a monthly visit to your barber or stylist, you can cut your hair for free in the privacy of your own home. This article includes all the tools you’ll need to get started, step-by-step instructions, and a number of useful tips.

Haircutting Supplies

Before you learn how to cut hair, it’s also important to know what you’ll need in order to get the job done. Whether you’re going for a buzz cut or a more traditional cut, having the following haircutting supplies on hand should keep you covered in any situation.

Cutting Your Hair Instructions

Now that you’ve assembled all the necessary tools, it’s time to move on to cutting your hair. If you’re learning how to cut hair for the first time, this will take some time to master. Be patient. Before long, you’ll be cutting your own hair like a pro and saving money in the process. Here are the instructions:

  1. Have a plan – How do you want your hair to look once you’re finished? It’s important to have an idea in mind before you begin cutting your hair. Since you’re cutting your own hair, the style is likely to be basic, but you’ll still need to consider the options.
  2. Wash your hair – This is an important step, as it helps to untangle and remove knots from your hair. It also removes any dirt, oil and other impurities that might give your scissors trouble. Just prior to cutting, you want your hair to be damp, not wet. If your hair begins to dry during cutting, you can always use your spray bottle to get it damp again.
  3. Comb your hair – Now that your hair is damp, it’s time to comb it. This will get rid of any tangles or knots that weren’t eliminated during the washing process.
  4. Stay calm – People often become nervous when learning how to cut hair. A rise in anxiety levels can make the act harder than it has to be. Take a deep breath and calm down.
  5. Using your hand, take a small section of hair and pull it straight. Decide where you want to cut and place your index and middle fingers on that spot. Your fingers will serve as a guide to ensure that you cut in a straight line. Be sure to only cut about ½ inch with each snip of the scissors.
  6. When you’re first learning how to cut hair, it’s a good idea to stop after each snip and take a look at your progress. Release your hair and allow it to fall loose. Make sure things are going as you planned. If a mistake has been made, don’t freak out. Hair will always grow back, so anything you’ve done can be undone with the passage of time.
  7. How to Cut Hair

    How to Cut Hair

    Don’t alternate between sides when cutting your hair. Start by cutting one side completely, then cut the other side to match. If you try to alternate, you may find yourself cutting off more length than initially desired.

  8. If you wish to give your hair a layered effect, the best strategy is to cut sections in various lengths. Each cut should be made at a sharp angle. This will take some time to master, so remember to exercise patience.
  9. It’s much easier to cut hair in the front, so try to pull as much hair up front as possible. If you need to cut hair at the back of your head, set up a second mirror to go with your stationary mirror. This will allow you to see the back of your head as you work. As mentioned in step #5, pause after each snip to examine your progress.
  10. When you think you’re finished, take sections from both sides of your head and pull them forward to see if the lengths match. If you find a piece that’s too long, you can also trim it with your scissors. Just be careful not to take this step too far.

Haircutting Tips

In addition to the step-by-step instructions offered above, these haircutting tips will serve you well.

Keep it simple – When cutting at home, don’t try to get too creative. Stick with simply hairstyles that don’t require years of training.

When cutting curly hair, keep in mind that it will appear to shrink once it’s dry. For this reason, you may want to cut curly hair longer than normal.

Another option involves going to a stylist and getting the haircut of your choice. Then, every month, you can trim your head to maintain the style. This will require an occasional visit back to the salon, however, as most people’s hair tends to grow faster on one side than the other. Still, you’re saving money on all the months you do it yourself.

Men who want an easy-to-maintain style can either shave their heads with a razor or use electric clippers.

If you have thick or course hair, you’ll want to cut in smaller sections than normal. Some people’s hair is so thick that trying to cut the usual ½ inch will be close to impossible. If you notice your hair bending between the blades of the scissors, then you’ll know to lessen the length of the cut.

To cut bangs, part your hair in the center of your head. Then comb forward an equal amount of hair from either side of the parting line. Cut evenly across each section of hair.

Another technique for cutting your own hair involves leaning over and combing all your hair forward (making sure it’s wet, of course). Cut in a straight line and work from one side to the other. When you think you’re finished, stand up and check the length on all sides by parting and combing it. If you find any long pieces of hair, they can be trimmed with your scissors. Since you can’t see your hair when leaning over, this technique relies more on touch.

With these simple tips, you should have a firm understanding of how to cut hair. It will still be challenging at first, but your persistence will be rewarded in the form of a neatly-trimmed head of hair and a thicker wallet.

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