How to Apply Makeup

Learning how to apply makeup is an important skill for any woman who wants to look her best. The following steps cover the application process from start to finish in a simple, easy-to-understand fashion.

General Tips

Before we discuss how to apply makeup, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind:

How to Apply Foundation

It’s important to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. If you choose the wrong foundation, you skin could end up looking orange or pink. Most women have yellow-based skin, so a yellow base would be most appropriate. To experiment with various tones, apply the foundation in dots around the center of your face, and then blend it with your fingertips or a cosmetic sponge.

When choosing a foundation, you have three options:

  1. Cream Foundations – Providing good coverage, cream foundations are available in sticks or compacts, and they’re the top option for professional makeup artists. The finished product is flawless and creamy, but you’ll need to choose a shade identical to your natural skin tone. Otherwise, cream foundations will be more noticeable than other types of foundation. Perfect for women who need heavier coverage, such as those with dry or mature skin. Apply in long, sweeping motions with a sponge and then blend.
  2. Liquid Foundations – This type of foundation offers a natural look with sheer coverage. It’s popular due to the ease of application. Both oil and water-based formulas are available. This option is best for women with clear skin, and it should be blended in a little at a time.
  3. Powder Foundations – Combining a powder and a foundation, it’s designed for the woman who’s in a hurry. This option works best on lighter skin tones. Apply like you would any other compact powder.

Once you’ve selected the foundation that’s best for you, use a cosmetic sponge for application. This will give you greater control. Blending is also important. Foundation should be blended on the ear lobes, into the hairline, and under the jawline. Special attention should be paid to the areas over and under the eyes, around the corners of the mouth, and in the corners of the nose.

When the foundation has been applied, it can be set by using a yellow-based translucent face powder. (Assuming, of course, that your face has the traditional yellow tone. Otherwise, another shade may be necessary.)

How to Apply Concealer

Concealers are available in pots, tubes, creams and sticks. They are used to cover marks, veins, freckles, blemishes, and any other type of imperfection. Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation. Apply with a fine-tipped brush, or dot and blend with your fingertips. Special attention should be paid to the outer corner of the eyes and inside of the bridge of the nose, as these tend to turn into dark areas for many women.

If you want to keep concealer or foundation on for longer than usual, apply a loose or pressed powder to the surface of your skin.

How to Apply Eye Shadow

To begin this step, make sure you have three shades of eye shadow: light, medium, and dark. Use the light shade to cover the entire area from the lash line to the eyebrow. This will serve the same purpose as your foundation. Next, apply the medium shade onto the lower lid and then blend with the base color. Finally, apply the dark shade at the outer corner of the eye and along the lash line. Blend well to help create a more defined look around the eye.

How to Apply Eyeliner

How to Apply Makeup

How to Apply Makeup

When learning how to apply makeup, the techniques for eyeliner should not be overlooked. You can either use an eyeliner pencil or a thin liner brush. For the lower lid, line the outer two-thirds (or all the way, if you’re going for a darker look). With the upper lid, you’ll want to line all the way across.

If you’re using an eyeliner pencil, make sure to choose one that glides easily. You can also open your mouth slightly when using an eye pencil. This will relax the eye muscles and make for an easier application.

For women with wide set eyes, try emphasizing the inside corners of the eye. If eyes are set close together, highlight the outer corners. If your eyes droop, the outer end of the line should be turned upwards.

Some women prefer to use eye shadow in place of traditional eyeliners. While this might take some getting used to for older women, those just learning how to apply makeup will quickly take to it. The advantage is that eye shadow comes in numerous colors, giving a woman more available shades in her palette.

How to Apply Mascara

When applying mascara, you want to make sure that it covers the lash from the root to the tip. Mascara is available in a number of shades, but brown works best for women with fair complexions and black or brown-black for those with darker complexions. To get more mascara on your brush, try twirling it inside the container. If you pump the brush inside the container, the mascara will dry out sooner.

For the upper lashes, take the mascara wand and wiggle it back and forth at the base of the lashes. Then roll it though the lashes to distribute color. Use full strokes to create a thick-looking lash.

For the lower eyelashes, hold the mascara wand in a vertical direction and move it from side to side.

Try applying mascara in two thin coats to the upper and lower lashes. This will help you to avoid clumping.

How to Apply Blush

The best way to learn how to apply blush is to smile. By smiling, you’ll be able to see the apples of your cheeks. Apply blush to this area or directly below, with the goal being to give the cheekbones a lift and greater definition. And never forget these words: Less is best.

Blush can be purchased in cream, liquid, or powder. The easiest to apply is powder blush, and it remains the most popular option among women.

To apply blush, brush downward from the ear to the middle of the cheek. Start at the top of the ear and stop at the apple.

How to Apply Lipstick

For an optimum effect, try to select a lipstick color that complements your skin tone. Start with a neutral pencil and follow your natural lip line. Then use a lip brush to fill in the selected color of lipstick.

Women over 40 should avoid matte lipsticks. Women with full lips should consider applying the lightest color they can find. This will result in a fuller look. If you get lipstick on your clothing during the application process, it can be removed by rubbing it with glycerine and then washing normally.

As a substitute or complement for lipstick, many women are now using lip gloss. Women with full lips should avoid using too much lip gloss.

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