How to do Magic Tricks

You may have seen many amazing feats and tricks performed by magicians. Although magic may seem complicated, learning how to do magic tricks as shown in this guide is actually quite simple. In fact, some of the most audience pleasing tricks are the most simple to perform. You can amaze your audience with basic card levitation or a vanishing coin, provided your delivery is veiled in mystery and proper form.

Magic Card Tricks

The follow are two easy to learn magic card tricks.

Card Levitation

For this trick, you will need any ring (fit to your middle fingers size), a matchstick and a standard playing card. Start by putting the ring on your finger and have the matchstick placed inside the ring so that the match is sticking out on both sides of the ring.

Put the card on the table under your hand, making sure it’s also above the match. This may take practice to ensure that it looks like you’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. If they see the match, the audience will know how you did it. Lift you hand from the table very slowly to make it look like the card is floating against gravity on its own. If you press down on the card a little bit with you fingers, it will stay in place a little better and will look like it’s floating in mid air.

Open Sesame

All you will need for this trick is a deck of standard playing cards. Start out by dealing 3 piles of seven cards, face down. Ask your friend or spectator to choose a pile. Pick up the pile they selected and fan them out, facing the audience. You do not need to see the faces of the cards for this trick. Ask him or her to look at them and choose one in their own mind, not revealing it to you. Now we have three steps to remember:

Repeat all three of these steps one more time for a total of two times. Pick up the pile of 21 cards and spell the magic word out loud O-P-E-N-S-E-S-A-M-E while laying down one card face down for each letter you spell. Turn over the next card after spelling open sesame to reveal their chosen card.

Quick Coin Vanish

How to Do Magic Tricks

How to Do Magic Tricks

For this trick, all you will need is a flat surface and any coin of your choosing. Start off by casually placing the coin on the table. Get their attention by exclaiming “Watch this!” and reach over the coin with your hand. Use your ring, middle and index fingers to push down on the coin while keeping your hand and arm somewhere around parallel to the table (this is very important for hiding the trick). Slip the coin towards you and onto your lap, making sure that it is not seen by your audience. In a smooth, natural motion, use your thumb to pick up the “coin”.

While you’re gripping the “coin,” raise your hand very slowly. Rub your fingers together as if you’re rubbing the coin out of existence. Turn your hand over and reveal that the coin has vanished into thin air. You should act surprised as well, acting as if you witnessed a miracle, to help the delivery of the trick.

Cool As Ice

For this trick, you will need a cup that you can‘t see through, a sponge, some water nearby and a few ice cubes. You will need to prepare the trick before you perform it. Get ready by placing the sponge into the bottom of the cup. Drop the ice cubes on top of the sponge and find your audience.

Have your friend get some water. Pour the water into the prepared cup yourself. Pour it from a few inches above the cup, making it obvious that you are pouring the water into the cup. Blow air on the cup and turn it upside down, dropping the ice cubes onto the table. It works better if you use a disposable cup so you can throw it away immediately so that they will not check the cup.

If you decide you want to take your magic tricks to a more advanced level, there are thousands of tricks available to learn in magic books, online or videos. The best way to learn, however, is by practicing.

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