How to Do Card Tricks

The fun part about watching card tricks is trying to figure out how they did it. You’ve probably always wanted to learn a few tricks yourself but thought that it would be too difficult to perform. While some tricks take years of practice, some are designed for beginners as well. In this guide we’ll teach you how to do card tricks.

Easy & Simple Card Tricks

The following is a collection of easy card tricks. These simple card tricks were chosen because their low requirements and basic structures.

The Vanishing Card Trick

Start by showing your friend a pack of cards, still wrapped up in their package. Remove the deck but leave one card inside the packet (don‘t let your audience see this). Make sure you remember the card you left in there. Give the deck to your friend and let them examine and shuffle as much as they want. Have them deal you five cards, face down in front of you. Give the spectator a pen and paper and follow these steps:

Easy Aces

How to Do Card Tricks

How to Do Card Tricks

Before you perform this trick, get the deck ready by placing all four aces on top of the deck, face down.

Now that you’re ready, have your friend split up the deck into four equal piles by removing each pile from off the bottom of the deck. Don’t forget which pile has the aces in it. Have your friend choose one of the piles without the aces and hold onto it. Ask them to take off the top three cards and put one of each on top of the other three piles.

Have them do this two more times with the other non-ace piles of cards. Have them do it one more time for the pile with the aces. Ask them to reveal the top card from each pile, which will be the four aces.

The Spelling Bee

You must prepare for this trick ahead of time. Remove and set 13 cards (all different suits if you want it to be believable) in the following way, top card down (the order is very important): 3, 8, 7, A, Q, 6, 4, 2, J, K, 10, 9, 5. Put these on the top of the deck.

To start, shuffle the cards, making sure you don‘t shuffle the top 13 cards. Remove the top thirteen cards as a group and fan them out on the table so that your audience can see their faces (to show them that they‘re “random“). Square up the cards and hold them face down.

Spell out the word “ace” with the cards, pulling one card off the top with each letter spelled and putting it on the bottom of the deck. If done correctly, the top card will be the ace. Keep doing this until all of the cards are face up on the table. Spell them in order from ace to king.

Easy Eights

For this trick, you will need another person to help you execute perform it. Begin by placing eight cards face up on the table in the pattern of the eight symbols on the front of an eight card. Make sure that at least one of the cards is an eight. Turn around so you’re not facing the cards and have the spectator, not the accomplice, choose a card. Turn around and have your friend point to the symbol on the eight card that shows you the position of which card the spectator chose. The more times you do it to the same audience, the better it will work.

There are thousands of different tricks you can learn and perform. If you want to learn more, there are many books, videos and even magic coaches available to help you. As with all magic/illusion tricks, the success of the trick depends on your performance quality.

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