How to Play Golf

Golf is a popular sport not only because it requires athletic and mental endurance but also because it fosters an environment of social activity and networking. Many companies use golf excursions as a tool for their employees or potential business partners to bond socially in order to get things done at the professional level. Golf is often enjoyed by people of all ages because it features low intensity movements that can be accessible to even the least capable of physical activity through the use of a motorized or pull cart.

Golf Basics

There are a few requirements needed to get started with golf basics. To play golf you need a set of golf clubs, golf balls, a tee and a golf course at which you can play. Swings, called “strokes” in golf, are taken in order to move the golf ball from the tee to the hole. First, you need to tee up the ball no more than two club lengths behind the markers and address the ball. Normally, addressing the ball is as simple as approaching it and placing the head of your golf club on the ground. If the ball happens to fall off the tee before your club strikes the ball, you may replace the ball. However, if you accidentally knock or swing the ball off the tee, it counts as a stroke. In any game of golf, you may not alter the ground in any way (i.e. bend vegetation, smooth slight bumps, etc) in order to make your play easier. However, if leaves or tree branches block your shot path, you may remove them.

You will often play golf against other opponents if you are not merely practicing. One such game is called “match play.” In match play, every hole of a course is a different contest between you and your opponent(s). The team that completes the hole with the fewest strokes wins the hole and the team that has won the greatest number of holes wins the game. If you accidentally hit another person’s ball during match play, you receive a penalty stroke and must replace the moved ball to its original, unmoved position.

How to Play Golf

How to Play Golf

Stroke play is a standard golf competition where the winner with the least number of strokes is declared the winner after X amount of holes. The number of holes in a standard Stroke Play game is 18 holes. If you are in stroke play and your ball hits your opponent’s ball, you must take a two-stroke penalty.

If you lose a golf ball during play, you must find your ball within 5 minutes or play another ball. If you find your golf ball near a tree or any other obstructing landmark, you must play the ball from there or go back to the golf ball’s original spot, start over and receive a penalty stroke.

Universal golf rules should not be altered or disobeyed under any circumstances.

Golf Swing Techniques

Many amateur golf players want to jump the gun and hit a full course without first testing the waters and entering a driving range. This is dangerous because actual golf courses require a great deal of golf swing techniques that beginners do not often have. Consider investing in a few formal golf lessons before you venture out into the mature green.

That being said, one of the biggest mistakes novice golf players make is buying a bright, shiny new set of clubs at the outset. This is not a wise decision because everybody’s swing arms are different and you cannot possibly determine which golf clubs are right for you after only a few weeks of practice. Try a variety of golf sets and practice your swing technique by playing all levels of golf before you decide on a specific set of golf clubs. You will find that your strengths and weaknesses require you to have quite a different set than the person next to you.

Why Play Golf

Golf is not only a great way to improve your physical judgment abilities and strength but it is also a way for you to make social connections. Many companies use golf outings as a means for both informal mingling between employees and business negotiations in a casual setting to occur. With constant practice, playing golf can become both an athletic skill and a means for conversation at your disposal. If you are looking to further a professional career, especially in politics or business, learning how to play golf is often essential for social success in the workplace.

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