How to Plant Flowers

Flowers come in so many shapes, sizes and varieties, it’s hard to generalize about the best care methods for flowers. That’s one thing that makes the process of learning how to plant flowers so interesting, though becoming an amateur florist can be frustrating at times.

Given the wide scope of flowers, it’s no surprise that many people plant different types of them every day, either in indoor plant and potting containers, or in their own personal gardens. Different flowers might require entirely different growing environments or care techniques, but you’ll want to take the extra trouble, to increase the beauty of your house and yard.

While not as practical as growing an edible plant or a plant used for some physical use in craftsmanship or medicinal use, growing flowers can be a worthwhile pursuit in and of itself. Flowers may not bring sustenance, but they have a sensual: the senses of sight and smell. Your add color to the place you live, but you also add a variety of pleasant smells.

Flowers make great gifts for friends and family, who will appreciate the time and care that went into growing your own flowers.

Planting Flowers – Beginning

Flowers come in many species and tend to be annual or perennial types. Decide if you want to grow flowers that can survive every year, or that grow back each growing season. Narrow down the types of flowers you want to grow, to make your first growing experience easier.

If you’re trying to grow many types of flowers at once, each with their own needs and care regimens, it’s easy to get confused. Decide whether or not to grow plants indoors or outdoors, though many people do both.

When researching how to plant flowers and which flowers to plant, be sure to take your area’s climate into account. Many flowers can be grown from seeds, though many people buy a young plant from an agriculture store or plant nursery and raise the flower from there. This eliminates the germination and waiting periods, if you don’t have the patience for seed-grown flowers.

You need some basic implements to get started planting flowers, including:

Planting Flowers

How to Plant Flowers

How to Plant Flowers

Learning how to plant flowers is an easy process, after you’ve eliminated a few key choices. First, decide whether to grow inside your home or outdoors in your garden.

Each has pros and cons. The former allows you more control over the hospitality of the environment your flowers live in, though the latter affords the plants more independence and doesn’t take as much of your time and energy.

Seeds or Sprouts

Second, decide whether you are going to grow your flowers from seeds or from existing sprouts or mature flower plant specimens. Again, there are advantages and disadvantages to each, given the time frame you have to work with. If you don’t have much of a growing season available, or you decided to plant your flowers late in the existing season, starting with a somewhat grown plant isn’t a bad idea.

This can take some of the excitement of watching your seeds first sprout. But once you have made these decisions, you are ready to plant your flowers.

Planting procedure varies little from species to species, so plant most plants the same way you would the plants you’ve already planted. Once planted, though, each plant has a different process of upkeep and maintenance and it’s up to you to investigate your particular flower choices and their individual needs. First, till the soil you plan to plant your flowers in. Remove any weeds or other harmful organisms from the soil so they are not competing with the flowers you are going to plant.

Add fertilizer or other soil enrichment product to the soil such as compost or manure mixture. Bury your seeds in about 2-3 inches of soil. Bury a sprouted baby flower plant 4-5 inches, since it has an existing root system and base to work with.

Cover the seeds or plant base with a mixture of soil and soil enrichment product. Water the area lightly and let it be. Every week, make sure your flowers are getting a full day’s worth of sunshine, which is important to remember while growing flowers indoors.

As a crucial part of learning how to plant flowers, make sure the flowers are getting about 1 inch of water per week. You should see your flowers bloom within 2-3 weeks depending on what you started with.

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