How to Grow Peanuts

Peanuts are not something typically grown in the home and therefore it is not common to know how to grow peanuts. However, this is surprising as practically every household contains a packet of peanuts sitting in the cupboard and so why not grow your own?

Growing Peanuts

In order to start growing peanuts just follow these five simple steps.


Your first choice needs to be which type of peanut you are going to grow. There is a choice of four; Runner, Spanish, Virginia and Valencia. The Runner is the most common choice as this is the familiar kernel size that we are used to buying from the shops, and the types used to create peanut butter. However, the Spanish type is also quite a common choice, and is mainly used as snack nuts.

After you have made your decision you can either buy peanut seeds or simply buy raw peanuts, although these need to have not been roasted. You must ensure the soil is very sandy before you plant your peanuts and that there is plenty of opportunity for good drainage. Before planting your peanuts make sure that the ground has been cultivated fully to approximately 8 inches.

Planting Peanuts

The best time to plant your peanuts is after the last frost of the year. Peanut plants need plenty of sun and so bear this in mind when considering the site where you are going to plant them.

Your peanuts/seeds need to the planted two inches deep and surrounded by a sufficient amount of compost and manure. They also need to be seven inches apart, ensuring that the peanuts stay intact else they will not grow. By placing the seeds/peanuts seven inches apart you allow each plant plenty of space to grow and their roots to spread.

Make sure that you water your peanut/seeds as soon as you have planted them.


How to Grow Peanuts

How to Grow Peanuts

Do not water your peanut plants again until they start to sprout. This process should take up to a week. After this point they need to be watered regularly but do not be tempted to over water them.

As when growing any plant, keep the area weed free to avoid any hindrance to the development of your peanut plants. It should take approximately 135 days for your peanut plants to mature.

Harvesting Peanuts

A sign that your peanut plant is ready is that the foliage will be yellow. Because peanuts grow underground you will need to pull the entire plant out of the ground to harvest them. You will be able to collect approximately 25 to 50 peanuts from each of your peanut plants

After you have collected all your peanuts, allow up to four weeks for them to dry out.

Storing Peanuts

Your peanuts need to be placed in a cool, dry place. If kept in a tightly sealed container they are able to be frozen and kept fresh until needed.

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