What Are RC Toys?

A lot of men, children and even women have started collecting R/C or remote control toys that they can play with or assemble during their pastime. It’s a hobby that provides real satisfaction especially for those who prefer to assemble their own RCs from scratch instead of buying the ready to run or ready to fly varieties. The challenge lies in getting the RC up and running after it has been fully assembled and the tiny machines are properly set-up. It can be a source of pride to show people that the RC you are controlling is something that you have made on your own. Whether you’re looking to play on land, sea or air, you’re bound to find something that you’ll like.

RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters have come a long way since they only used to go up or down, forwards and backwards. From simple 3-channel Remote control helicopters for beginners that can turn, hover and go up and down to those for experts that go all the way up to 6 channels. These allow you to complete almost any maneuver that a real helicopter would be able to do allowing you to make some pretty “death-defying” maneuvers. Replaceable parts means despite the many crashes you have (there will be a lot), you’ll be able to replace every single part, and keep your remote control helicopter for many years to come!

RC Tanks

From scale models modeled after your favorite wartime models and painted in camouflage, to tanks that have infrared sensors that allow you to battle your buddy RC tanks are a ton of fun. Ranging in price from less than $20 to those that are upwards of $100 you’ll have tons of fun with remote control tanks. Many are now what’s called airsoft tanks that can even shoot BB’s and emit both sound AND smoke to give you a more realistic experience. With tanks from the US models like the M1A2 Abrams to German tanks like the Tiger you’ll be able to play out your favorite battles from history!

RC Cars

From scale model race cars, upgradeable piece by piece just like their real life counterparts, to buggies that are the same and can be run or raced off-road there is an almost unlimited number of customization and fun you can have with these. It can get expensive, by upgrading from electric to the super-fast nitro-powered versions, so watch out and start slow!

In these modern times, R/C or remote control toys are becoming more popular than ever before. The forward and backward movement of simple remote toy cars is now part of the past as innovative RC toys are being introduced by the RC industry. It is now common to see people flying their gyro RC helicopters both indoors and outdoors, sail their scale model versions of RC boats and run upgradable cars at blinding speeds. The options for hobbyists and RC enthusiasts come aplenty at XenonProject.com. This toy and hobby company offers nothing but the best products and services associated with RCs. Anytime you are in need of a new RC to feature in your collection, you can always come to Xenon Project anytime and you will get practically anything you need for your RC hobby.

If you want to buy any type of RC, whether fully assembled or something that you want to set-up yourself, you can always visit the online RC toy and hobby shop Xenon Project where you’ll find parts and fully assembled versions of all your favorite remote control toys.. Certainly, you will be able to find something from the long list of RC helicopters, RC boats and tanks they have on display.

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