How to Make a Toga

Despite popular opinion, Toga parties are not limited to fraternity halls. Togas also make great Halloween costume. The thing is — they can be really damn hard to make. Its because of this that we’ve created this guide for how to make a toga.

Making a Toga Instructions

Here are some instructions for making a toga. Want to have the coolest Toga in town? Listen up.

Toga Fabricc

First and foremost — DON’T USE A BED SHEET. People use bedsheets because they are what they have hanging around the house. Bedsheets are the wrong shape and are far more expensive than regular cloth found at a fabric store. Unless you’re making your toga at the last minute, don’t use a bed sheet.

Your first step is to head to the fabric store and buy a few yards of the cheapest material you can find. Be creative — pick a funny color, pattern, or something tacky and cheap. Your cloth will look much better than the other bed sheet Togas at the party, trust me.

While you’re at the fabric store, you may consider accessorizing — cheap fabric “rope” comes in all kinds of colors and works perfectly as a belt or an over-the-shoulder adornment. Be creative.

Make sure you buy between four and six yards of material for your Toga.

Wrapping the Toga

How to Make a Toga

How to Make a Toga

When wrapping your toga around yourself, you’ll notice that it takes three feet of fabric to wrap around your waist, and you need to wrap it at least twice around the waist before you move on to the rest of the Toga. After you’ve wrapped it around your waist, toss the remaining fabric in a bundle over your shoulder. Make sure you have enough fabric to bring it back to your waist, and then either tie it up or wrap it around some more. Simple enough, right? Slap on a pair of sandals, a cheesy sword or shield and you’re Toga party-ready.

For women — be sure you tie the fabric carefully at the shoulder to preserve some sense of modesty.

Basic Toga Instructions

Here’s a simple step by step instructions for a basic Toga.

  1. Take a long and narrow cloth
  2. Pin one end of the cloth to your gym shorts or underwear
  3. Wrap it around your waist at least once
  4. Make sure the Toga now hangs to your knees
  5. Pin the Toga at the waist again, on the opposite side of the other pin
  6. Throw the rest of the Toga over one shoulder
  7. Wrap the Toga around your back and pin it at the waist again
  8. For God’s sake, wear gym shorts underneath
  9. Accessorize — wear sandals at least, and some kind of jewelry, a crown of laurels, or anything.

The whole point of the Toga party is to look and act silly. You didn’t get dressed up in this fabric to show off your fashion sense — you did it to act like an idiot.

If you’ve bought the right fabric, pinned the Toga at the right places, and worn the proper accessories, you’ll be the hit of your next Toga party. Just don’t forget the gym shorts.

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