How to Become a Boxer

How to Become a Boxer

Maybe your biggest dream has always been to fight like your favorite professional boxer or perhaps you want another outlet for your competitive nature. Either way, becoming a boxer is thrilling, exciting and will test your limits beyond anything you have ever experienced before. Tie on those boxing gloves and get ready to work out every muscle in your body. Most of all, as you prepare to follow the workouts of the greats like Ali and Evander Holyfield, follow these steps to become a boxer in your own rite and have a great time challenging yourself in the process.

1. Think like a boxer. The first and most important step in becoming a boxer is thinking like one. Ali didn’t spend his afternoons on the couch and neither will you if you’re serious about the sport. Scout out your local boxing ring and spend whatever time you can there each day or week. Many times you can get connected with a coach who sees you boxing, and other times you can find one through other resources in your area. It’s important to find someone you can trust and will help you achieve your goals as a professional/amateur competitive fighter and encourage you along the way.

2. Participate in boxing events. Every boxing club or gym will give you access to boxing events, otherwise known as “smokers” or “white collar nights”. Although training typically takes six to nine months before your first fight, you can get in-the-know and prepare for one through these resources, by talking to other amateur boxers and learning about events from your coach.

3. Get licensed. Get familiar with USA Boxing. This is the governing body of amateur boxing in the United States and will determine when and how you can fight. You’ll want to make sure to get licensed (which is a prerequisite before participating in any amateur fight) which isn’t difficult but just takes filling out some paperwork and paying the filing fees.

4. Know your division. Depending on your age, this will determine what division you are fighting in. A regular amateur is for ages 18-34, Junior qualifies people ages 17 and under and the Master division is for ages 35 and up. It’s also important to know the weight requirements for your division so be sure to thoroughly read the qualifications before getting set to compete.

5. Win your first tournament. As you win that first local tournament, you will begin to move up the ranks and that’s when the fun really begins. You will begin to compete against other winners in your competition level, which will then continue on to the U.S. Amateur Championships.

If you’re just starting out, it may seem like you have quite a few “to-do” things on your list to tackle before you’ll be ready for your first fight. Although it can be tedious, you’ll find that fighting is an addictive sport and well worth the time and effort it took to get there.

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