How to Build a Bike

Read how to build a bike, whether you’re an experienced cyclist looking to customize a bike or you’re a curious beginner who want to build a bike as a way of getting better acquainted with how a bicycle works. Learning how to build a bike from parts is a fun, yet challenging, task.

Doing so yields a sense of satisfaction that cannot be obtained from simply purchasing a bike off the rack. Before riding your newly assembled custom built bicycle, make sure to take it into a specialty bike store to be examined to make sure that everything is where it should be and in working order.

Furthermore, official manufacturer’s guidebooks provide much more thorough instructions regarding the specific parts you are using, as well as how to assemble a bicycle. It is advisable for you to consult resources such as these prior to beginning your project.

Bicycle Parts

After you have decided what type of bike fits your needs, head down to your local specialty bike store in search of parts, or to procure bicycle parts from a catalog or online. Your local specialist might provide you with a more limited array of available parts.

Specialists, however, will often be willing to dispense valuable advice that will help you along the way. Before you learn how to build a bike, you will need to purchase the following items:

For road bikes, a good idea is to purchase pedals that allow you to lock your foot to them via specialized bike shoes on one side while the other side of the pedal accommodates street shoes. Consult your local parts dealer for more information.

How to Assemble a Bike

How to Build a Bike

How to Build a Bike

The following 5 steps will guide you through the process of how to assemble a bike.

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools

Assemble your tools, which include a variety of common household tools like screwdrivers as well as more specialized tools which include a pedal wrench, Allen wrenches, chain cutter, chain whip, bike stand, chain breaker, bottom bracket tool, crank puller, cassette locking tool, cable cutter and cable locking tool.

Step 2: Tires and Seats

Put the tires and tubes on the wheels while lightly greasing and assembling the cassette. Following this, affix the seat and seat post to the frame.

Step 3: Handle Bars and Steering Tube

Affix your handlebars, stem and steering tube together, which are then attached to the fork of the bike. Following this, attach the shifters to the handlebars. This will require Allen wrench.

Step 4: Gear Shifts & Breaks

Add the gear shifts to the handles of the bike and then affix the brakes to the frame, taking care to properly attach both the front and rear brake kits. Following this, attach the crank set, and the derailleur cables to the bike. This will require specialized tools such as a bottom bracket wrench.

Step 5: Bike Chain

Measure your bike chain and cut it at the appropriate length. Assemble it following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once this is done, install the brake and derailleur cables. Given that this is a difficult procedure, consult a bike technician for a more thorough explanation.

After this is done, take your bike to a specialty shop for examination and have the tech assist you in making sure that everything is dialed in, assembled correctly and fitted to your body type. Although you may have learned how to build a bike yourself, a professional should view your work to avoid injury.

Many bicycle assemblers get frustrated the first time they try to thread a bicycle chain. Be prepared to be patient and, remember, this gets easier, each time you assemble a bike.

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