How to Dance Hip Hop

Dancing hip hop is a good way for somebody to look like a fool. But that’s because most people don’t practice how to dance hip hop before they do it in public. Once you learn how to perform hip hop dance moves and practice them in the privacy of your own home, you’ll impress once you hit the dance floor in the club.

Hip Hop Dance Lesson

Here’s the step by step method you use to learn hip hop dancing moves.

Don’t Try Old Dance Moves

If you know how to dance to other genres of music, don’t use those moves. You might as well be trying to sing instead of rap to a hip hop tune. Instead, chuck all you know about dancing aside and start fresh.

Practice at Home

Practice in the privacy of your own home. Don’t wait until you’re in the club to practice your hip hop dance moves. Instead, find someplace private, put on the hip hop music and practice while no one is looking.

This lets you explore your ability, find out what’s good and what’s not, and develop a new dancing style.

Find Your Rhythm

Find the bass beat of the music and dance to the bass beat. This lets you find a rhythm. Don’t listen to the melody. Don’t listen to the lyrics. Just find the beat and dance to the beat.

Watch the Experts Dance Hip Hop

How to Dance Hip Hop

How to Dance Hip Hop

Find BET on the television and watch the expert rappers and professional hip hop dancers do it the right way. Pick up moves and see what the standard hip hop dance looks like. You don’t have to mimic these people or execute every move the masters do, but you can learn something from watching others.

Repetition and Practice

Practice your hip hop dancing and improve through repetition. Like any other thing in life, you’ll get better by practicing your dance moves.

Watch Instruction Videos

If you’re still not getting the beat down, watch some hip hop dance instruction videos on YouTube or Hip-Hop-Dance-Videos Dotcom. Simply put “hip hop dance instruction” into the internal search engine on YouTube.

You’ll probably figure out a specific thing you’re doing wrong by watching instruction. If not, you may need to follow the instruction step by step, breaking down your hip hop dance moves and rebuilding your dance skills from the ground up.

Learn to Hip Hop Dance – Don’t Give Up the Dream

Keep trying to improve your hip hop dancing skills, until you don’t embarrass yourself on the dance floor. If lots of dance practice, mimicry and instruction doesn’t make you a hip hop dance freak, then you may never impress everyone in the club. But with practice, just about anyone can improve their hip hop dancing to the point they don’t embarrass themselves in the clubs.

More than likely, if you practice your dance moves, you’ll learn how to dance hip hop and make yourself more impressive than most when you and your friends go out dancing. There’s always someone who seems like a complete dance master out at the club, but there’s nothing that says you can’t be that person. You’ll have to practice like your preparing for a hip hop video to get that good, though. Good luck.

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