How to Get Ink out of Clothes with Hairspray

There’s nothing worse than getting an ink stain on your new garment, so here’s how to get ink out of clothes with hairspray. Believe it or not, hairspray gets ink stains out of clothing, especially polyester. The alcohol content in spray-on hair products seems to react with the ink.

Getting Ink Out

That means, if you use a hairspray with low alcohol content, the hair care product may not work as well as advertised, since certain hairsprays don’t use as much alcohol as a generation ago. If you have a hairspray with high alcohol content, though, this should work like a charm for getting ink out. When spraying hairspray on your clothes, remember to rinse well afterwards.

Let the Ink Dry

When you get an ink stain, let the ink dry onto your shirt or paints, before trying to remove. If you don’t, you’re more likely to spread the ink than remove it.

Use Paper Towels

How to Get Ink out of Clothes with Hairspray

How to Get Ink out of Clothes with Hairspray

Get a paper towel or two and place it behind the ink stain, so the towel is between one side of the shirt and another. This keeps the ink and hairspray from seeping through to the other side, while the paper towel will sop up the ink as it breaks down.

Next, spray liberal amounts of hairspray on the ink stain area. Cover the stain area completely.

Blot with a Second Paper Towel

Take a clean paper towel and start dabbing the ink stain. Continue dabbing for a minute or two. This might take a little bit of trouble, but keep dabbing until all the stain is removed.

Wash Your Garment

Once you have the ink stain removed using hairspray, wash the shirt or pants as per the usual washing instructions. Keep your clothes away from an open flame, until you wash the clothing, because the alcohol in your clothes is flammable.

Also, don’t put stained clothes in the dryer, until the entire stain from the ink is out. Instead, let your clothes air dry and try a second application of hairspray. Once you do, wash your shirt to get rid of the stain.

Getting Ink Stains out with Hairspray

Know that you know how to get ink out of clothes with hairspray, you don’t have to dread the next time your pen blows up and stains your dockets or your button-up. Find some hairspray and get to work dabbing the ink stain.

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